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Or, Jennifer Archer. A complete slut, the girl that jumps on anything that moves, has alcohol addiction and STD filled genitalia. All she does is smoke weed all day/night, and text her guy friends and stay the night with them. She's extremely flirty, so if she's hanging out with one guy for the night, they will def end up doing something together. She's obsessed with Josh Beck, from the band The Hit. If she's with her girl friends, all she does is get drunk, get high, and ride around town going to random people's houses to "party". Never keeps a job for very long. Not someone you would want to mother your children. Tries to model, but just looks like any other 18 year old easy scene kid. Isn't very smart, so she can't really hold her own. Got her ass beat by Hollie. Used to be really cute, until she tried to commit suicide, gained wieght, became a drunk/pot head, and fucked everyone in Garland, Rockwall, Rowlett, Wylie, and Sachse.
"Nah man, Jenny's coming over tonight."
"Jenny who?"
"Jenny Archer, well, she calls herself jenny 2x"
"Dude..Are you fucking with me right now? That girl is disgusting. I wouldnt touch her with a 20 ft. pole."
"What are you talking about? She added me on myspace? and Twittter..and facebook...and answered my question on formspring! So now she's coming over!"
"Dude, I'm sorry, but your gonna get an STD if you fuck her."
"I'm not gonna fuck her..Whatever man, We'll see what happens."
"She bringing pot over?"
"No, she's already stoned, she's bring some alcohol though."
"Well, she'll probably just sit here, and get drunk, and try to be cute or funny. But as soon as she starts saying she's tired, tell her to GTFO, trust me."
"Alright Alright man.."
"I'm serious dude, all she does is fuck. and get drunk. and get high. and work at chilis. I'm sure she'll suck your dick though!"
"Yeah man, I'll take a blowjob from jenny....easy."
by cksjdkcnsdjk February 24, 2010
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