Someone who is recommended to post about in the Urban Dictionary guidlines (besides my girlfriend sally >_<) ... for reasons unknown.

She's hispanic and sings. She also "guest-starred" (not really ...) on South Park. :D
"Publish definitions of Jennifer Lopez because she's famous, but reject my girlfriend Sally."
by Madison pwns your mom ;D July 11, 2008
a sort of a nice person that comes from my block where i live bronx,ny baby!!!!!!!!!! that now that she a celeberty she can't come to her roots oh well that's celeberty life 4 u

shooting almost all of the the video for jenny from the block somewhere else
tisk tisk
by angelic_tears13 August 23, 2003
A boring, self-centered celebrity with an ass that's big enough to have its own gravitational pull.
Jennifer Lopez was on TV again...yay.
by x_Summer_x February 04, 2006
Horrible, no talent loser, whose idea of fashion includes fur in her own line of tacky garments.
The fur industry assumes its buyers are ignorant, unintelligent and empty. So does Jennifer Lopez.
by Darkly December 16, 2005
half-puerto-rican 32 year old who blabs on and on about being from humble beginnings but really went to private school and when she was 16 she was getting dance lessons from the same people who train broadway stars....

Nice arse tho.
by Snowy (formally Kilo Lobo) August 26, 2003
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