An overrated washed-up limp voiced "artist" who really isn't good at anything except dancing. her clothes are cheap and tacky, her perfumes smell like the cheap stuff you can get at any drugstore, her acting is barely average, plus she tries to act black but really only looks like a trendy fool.

So why exactly is she famous? her huge wide ass which makes her look like shes wearing depends and/or has a limp on her back which might be in at the moment because it's something new, but still is a lame reason to make her a multi-millionaire.
She's so two years ago, next!
by GypsyBarbie June 12, 2005
A dumb puerto rican chick who trys hard to act black, she can act a lil and maybe even dance (woo-hoo) but she can't sing for sh!t, she has this annoying limp voice that makes me want to gauge my own eyeball out whenever I hear her crappy/trendy music on the radio. Makes stinky perfume & cheap/tacky clothes.

She became famous for that fat, wide fanny of hers which looks like she either was a hump on her back or is wearing some Depends. Cindy Crawford (a real natural beauty) was seen on tv saying that if she had jlo's ass she wouldn't even go out in public. *too much butt and no boobies, me no likey*
If she's so "real" then why did she get her nose and lips resized and why does she wear all that fake bronzer?
by ur5minsisup June 07, 2005
A former Weather Channel meteorologist. She is much hotter and smarter than the singer/actress.
Jennifer Lopez left the Weather Channel to work in Dallas.
by Horatio Bates Spafford May 19, 2011
1)a soiled whore
2)a piece of shit
3)Eric Cartman's hand

acting like a spoiled whore

spoiled whorish
1) She being a Jennifer Lopez.
2)Aw man! Look at all this Jennifer Lopez on my finger

Stopping Jennifer Lopezing me...

by David Winokur May 15, 2005
highly successful Puerto Rican American who has learned to hire people who can keep her image in the media far beyond the level her talent would otherwise suggest.
Jennifer Lopez was on tv tonight on six different stations just because her marriage is on again/off again/on again/off again. Should we really care so much about celebrities. They are just like us, only rich beyond our wildest imaginations.
by dp September 21, 2003
A personality in Hollywood who continues to make millions despite an appalling lack of talent.

Her dancing abilities are laughable, so I can't understand why people call her a good dancer. She basically does the same move over and over (shake her gigantic ass and huge thighs) with an occasional dip thrown in.

Her singing skills are questionable as her screechy voice is most unpleasant, sort of like giving a cat a high colonic. Similar to Celine Dion (who sounds like someone tossed a cat into a washing machine on spin cycle.)

Her acting skills are possibly the worst. Compare to Nicole Kidman's complete lack of acting ability. Wooden and contrived, she couldn't carry a movie if they put it in a basket for her. See "Maid in Manhattan," "The Wedding Planner," and "Enough" if you dare. And I'm not even counting "Gigli."

She's shaping up to be the next Elizabeth Taylor, except without the class or acting ability. I mean just in the sense that she's a serial divorcee. She's already on her third husband to The Crypt Keeper - er, I mean Marc Anthony - a man she stole while he was still married.

She should really make the decision to retire from show business to stay home and concentrate on her family. No, really. She really, really should.
I'm getting tired of waiting for Jennifer Lopez to realize she has no talent, and that she should just go disappear somewhere with the Crypt Keeper and never bother us again.
by Wanderlust13 November 23, 2007
1. A person who has no talent. 2. Someone who is full of herself 3. Someone who, unfortunately, became famous because of her role in "Selena." Let's face it, that movie made her. Note: The real Selena was a beloved Mexican singer and, unfortunately, Jennifer Lopez became famous by association. Also, when "Selena" originally came out, many Mexicans and Selena fans were outraged that Lopez, a puerto rican, was picked for the role. (Puerto Ricans and Mexicans hate each other). 4. A sell-out. For playing the role of a Mexican.
I can't believe they picked that puerto rican ho, Jennifer Lopez, over all those Mexican actresses for thee role of Selena! If you're a sell-out, you're a Jennifer Lopez.
by realmom1 May 28, 2010
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