-Spoiled supposed "religious" whore who faked her own kidnapping and even played on racist fears by saying that she was kidnapped by a Spanish man.

-Didn't have the honesty and balls to just call off her wedding and have some dignity to do so.

-Slut who left her fiance because he wanted to get married first before having sex and that "frustrated" her.

-Over-rated now famous ho with a fugly face and freaky-ass bulging eyes who has a multi-million dollar book deal to tell her "story"
Man, could you believe that bug-eyed Southern ho Jennifer Wilbanks? The nerve of her to leave her fiance just cuz he didn't wanna have sex!
by LoganLesnarMarvel July 11, 2005
Top Definition
bitch that faked her own kidnapping to avoid marrying some dude. even worse, the dude still wanted to marry her afterwards. guess they were meant for each other
At least when Ross said Rachel's name in his wedding to Emily, he was there...unlike Jennifer Wilbanks
by Mike May 05, 2005
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