A blonde haired, blue eyed one of a kind spectacle that attracts many men and is the envy of nearly every woman. She can be shy at first, but is normally an amazingly gifted person. With a combination of sexual provocation, an unstoppable will and incredible intelligence, the Jennie is able to control people without much power. Extremely confident and beautiful on the outside, but sensitive on the inside. She has become the obsession of many men, but is true to who she loves. An extremely bright individual, but is sometimes faced with difficulties from time to time. Very strong and almost fearless in any situation. She certainly enjoys independence, but is very faithful, loving and can be a devil in the sheets for someone who's worth it and even enjoys being commanded from time to time. She is a one of a kind girl that is independent, mysterious, funny, smart, and talented. If you are lucky to meet this girl, you will surely fall into her spell. But its a spell that will have you enchanted and wanting more. Let it take over ;)
Master: Wow Mistress, that was amazing.
Jennie: I know what you want, I got what you need ;)
Master: I knew i'd get through to you eventually :)
Jennie: I was pleasantly surprised myself
Master: I know ;)
Jennie: Round 2
Master: lol
by MasterWakaNegroSaki January 03, 2013
diminutive for Jennifer, comes from the Welsh Guinevere, meaning 'white waves', the white crest of a wave, sometimes called white horses.
Hi Jennie, Hello Jennie.
by whitehorses5 January 24, 2012
Girl who drinks at parties, snorts, gets bounced about on trampolines like a basketball, falls asleep on peoples couches.Hair in face, blanket in her grasp. has unusual looking feet. usually with some kind of food type stuck to it. Not even sure if Jennie is her real name but thats what she announces herself as.
Homo 1:Wheres Jennie?
Homo 2:Oh shes asleep on the couch, she has salsa on her toes.
by Mumma Bird February 06, 2011
Little white booger
you have a jennie in your nose.
by blulov22 February 04, 2010
One who has an extemely large ass.
Did you see hannas big jennie??
by cammmmm August 02, 2007

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