A Raunchy Professional Cocksucker.

A worthless white trash, no good, big titty, havin ass

A pitiful slut with no self worth, nor self respect

A cum guzzler who has no shame of being a filthy slut, and has also became the most well known slut of the porn industry

One who has no morals, so she sells her body for money, and licks asshole, pussy, and sucks cock for that cash
Rob: Omg did you see Jenna Jameson's new flick?

Jake: Yeah, I jerked off to her.. too bad shes nothing but a whore bag i jerk off too, i wouldnt touch someone like that in real life!
by S_Christina_G February 19, 2007
by far, the most celebrated and greatest woman that we were graced with us to have on the planet with us
by sdf June 01, 2003
better known as the Queen of Porn, Jenna Jameson is a blonde pornstar responsible for much wasted sperm and long hours of unrepentant masturbatory folly. Jameson is also a skilled film director.
As soon as Jenna Jameson came onto the screen, I knew I'd never be able to resist. Six hours and much wasted tissue later, I picked my pants up off the floor and slunk shamefully out as my girlfriend glared accusingly at me and my sticky hands.
by Samantha Fox January 07, 2008
there is not, never was, and never will, a hotter woman on earth
wow that jenna jameson could slob my knob any day!
by badboyz69 September 27, 2003
Was born in Las Vegas - Nevada - USA on April 9th, 1974.

168cm and has huge juicy breasts.

Jenna Jameson is one of the hottest women on earth.

Best Movie: Dangerous Tides
Jenna Jameson:
"I try my hardest to push the point that I am a feminist.
I really think it's important that people know that the women in this industry are empowered.
They run it, man. It's awesome"
by Bari June 04, 2005
Hot blonde, Namesake of Club Jenna and the new version of Pamela Anderson
Jenna Jameson is such a babe
by Seaney March 30, 2008
A glamorous fashion icon for the 21st century liberated female. Pornstar, fashion designer, businesswoman, actress, author, and the most popular woman on the Internet today. I dress like her quite a lot since last year and got my hair cut similar to hers when she had it layered. An inspiration of mine on many levels.
I love this shirt because I saw Jenna Jameson wear one like it.
I can't wait for Jenna Jameson's clothing line, especially the Heartbreaker Jeans!
by Starlett June 18, 2006

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