A Raunchy Professional Cocksucker.

A worthless white trash, no good, big titty, havin ass

A pitiful slut with no self worth, nor self respect

A cum guzzler who has no shame of being a filthy slut, and has also became the most well known slut of the porn industry

One who has no morals, so she sells her body for money, and licks asshole, pussy, and sucks cock for that cash
Rob: Omg did you see Jenna Jameson's new flick?

Jake: Yeah, I jerked off to her.. too bad shes nothing but a whore bag i jerk off too, i wouldnt touch someone like that in real life!
by S_Christina_G February 19, 2007
Just go to 'Playboy' or a porn site and JENNA JAMESON WILL BE THERE, GUARENTEED.
by LovesToFuckGirls April 27, 2013
the female porn star that manages to keep it one step dirtier and slutter than the rest
jenna always gets better and better
by crackhorse August 17, 2003
extremely hot porn star
i woud fuck her like theres no tomorrow
by Anonymous May 06, 2003
The smartest business woman in porn.
She started ClubJenna inc.
by IzzyCharm July 21, 2005
Porn Star every men in the world has masturbated to at least once in their life.
Dude, the other day I jerked off to an old Jenna Jameson flick.
by BadassDude May 27, 2009
mad hot porn star, deep throaths it liek ive neva seen, big tits and a huge ass.
cum in yo eye bitch
by jenna's pimp May 08, 2003
a degree of hottness that is very very very hard to come buy
That fine chick counts as a Jenna Jameson
by J and T June 27, 2003

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