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And awkward antisocial girl who likes anime and spends all her free time on Tumblr and DeviantART. Rarely seen, she also calls those lower than herpeasants.
Lauren:"Look Alyson! It's a wild Jenna!

Alyson:"Really? Where?!"
by Arjsltb1234 December 02, 2013
Shy, dorky, but fun in her own way. She's smart and tends to her own mind. She has lots of friends in the "nerdy, quiet group". She's pretty nice and friendly but unrecognized by a lot of popular people, but isn't exactly hated by anyone, either. She's up for anything and almost never hates others, but rather might "dislike" someone because of something reasonable. She's not "cool", but definitely not "school's most hated" either!
You: Who are you with for the science project? I'm paired up with that girl who never talks in the corner of the class.
Me: Her? She's a Jenna. Don't worry, she's not the worst one you can be partnered up with.
by This Girl Right Here! July 06, 2012
Isn't the most coolest kid in oregon.
She is a slut and does LOTS of drugs.
Person:Damn look at that chick pullin a Jenna.
by Shayne Moore August 23, 2008
A retarded, funny, messed up child. But turns out, inside, she's really smart. In her own ways. Shes pretty, hilarious, loves a guy;) *COUGH COUGH* RICHY *COUGH COUGH* Mwahahaha, well shes a little retarded. Sometimes she can be a little coo-coo crazy, but she's alriight. Loves having sleepovers and going on ChatRoulette. Shes soo fuun to be around and no one can replace her.
Omg, Jenna is the best, Shes stupid too.
by Lalala (x3) October 11, 2011
A hot babe that is so discreet every guy wants her. She is destined to date a guy that is not like everybody else. A Jenna always ends up with a guys name that starts with T and/or C. No one knows why. Only Jenna's do. They are not the brightest out there, but who needs brains when you get all the guys drooling over you.
T: Dude, check her out.
C: Wow. What a body! I need me a Jenna.
T: No way, I saw her first.
C: Too bad, i bet a Jenna is a maniac as soon as I get her in the sac.
by Blackest rapper out there babe August 03, 2009
A creature that is comparable in deviousness to the pod people from invasion of the bodysnatchers. The Jenna stalks the mortal earth at night, after slithering into our dimension from a two way mirror. The Jenna also smells highly of yeast infections because it compulsively sticks any item it manages to get its grubby little fingers on up its vagina. The Jenna does not just kill you plainly, it sucks your soul out of your deceased body, after killiing you by boring you to death by talking about art. The Jenna resembles a cross between Tyler durden and Ellen degeneres.

The jenna's only fear is the majestic honey badger.
Hide your babies and shanghai any and all honey badgers you find to protect yourself from the oncoming Jenna.
by Captahab March 27, 2011
happens to be the coolest kid in oregon
Wow I wish I knew Jenna! She is tight!
by arieljopp May 27, 2008