the most amazing, beautiful, and dedicated wife on the planet.
dayummmm hes lucky to be married to jenna, daWg.
by her hubby February 05, 2009
a small person
jenna is so small
by blarggggggggggggggggggg March 26, 2012
so cool, has tons of friends, likes the wrong guys, loves to go shopping, smart and knows pretty much EVERYONE!!
Everybody always has a great time with her and she loves every1 and is loved by everyone!!
Jenna is sooo hot! She's a genius but she acts like a blonde to make life more fun! All the guys are in love with her and she has really high morals. She's occasionally attracted to the wrong guys...ex: PLAYERS AND ASSHOLES! But her heart is always in the right place. I love her!

i dont know why i like you so much...(actually i do, everyone loves Jenna)
by cookiemonster2364 February 23, 2014
Jenna: Slang term referenced for a lesbian stripper with a bad perm. She's a Cali native, very sexy, athletic bomb shell, generously well over six feet tall, drop dead gorgeous, has brown hair/brown eyes, smart and fun to be around. Her style is very forgiving, wears clothes so skimpy, you could always see her nipples! Jennas are tireless workers, does alot of charity work relating to GLBT lifestyle. But get to know her, she'll be the greatest love of your life, will never let you down. Always, a lesbian, though she may switch teams. They are the perfect 10, extremely rare being that there's only one of her in the ENTIRE WORLD and she's a keeper!
Girl 1: quick, some hot guy is about to jack Jenna's water bottle!!!

Girl 2: Get her on speed dial right now!!!

by IWantJenna January 09, 2014
The most amazing girl I've ever met. An absolute genius with the mind and soul of a 3 year old. She'll draw you in with her addictive smile and adorable laugh, but it's the little things about her that'll win you over. Anything from her irrational fears of escalators and phone calls to her inability to work simple household appliances. And just when you think she's perfect, if you're lucky, she'll let you into her mind and her heart, and that's when you realize what a beautiful person she is, inside and out. You lose all control and fall under her spell and in love with Jenna Beatty. Her only downfall is she has a thing for douche bag baseball players.
"Hey have you met Jenna Beatty?" "Yeah she's perfect, just wish she'd ditch her asshole boyfriend"
by monteselegeese April 11, 2014
Jenna is such a funny girl she how's one heck of a sense of humor. Everybody loves Jenna even Jenna loves Jenna. She is crazy is many ways and is great in bed. They don't call her the sex Machine for nothing. Jenna always makes everybody's day especially upurs. 😉
"I love Jenna"
by January 21, 2015
The most perfect, amazing, beautiful girl in the world. Simply flawless, and has a heart for only one truly blessed man, Dan.
Jenna is the nicest person i know

I know! Shes the best.
by Dbren July 07, 2011

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