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Jena is not when you pee into other people. It's a female's name. Meaning "grace".

Jena is a pretty name. It's a hella lot better than Queenetta or ShawniQua.
James: "Did you know Jena means grace"
Leah: "No but it reminds me of crackers"
by Lehmms March 03, 2009
Jena (pronounced Gina) is another way of talking about weed without people catching on.
"Hey, is Jena coming round tonight?"

"Yeah, babes - she's on her way"
by Akari Leigh September 19, 2013
Very sexy. Down to earth. Knows how to give great blowjobs. Doesn't take shit from anyone. Loving. Smart. Funny.

Pretty much the most badass chick you will ever meet.
"You know that Jena girl is soooo fine."
"Yeah, I want to bang her."
by JustJay7 February 04, 2010
Jena is a crazy party girl. She likes getting drunk and high whenever she can. They usually go for guys named Tyler. This name can also refer to as slut.
You sleep with so many guys, stop being such a Jena.
by Ihaveabigsquiggle June 22, 2011
Someone who fails at many tasks even the simplest of ones.
"Barry you complete jenas i only asked you to go buy milk not a cow!"
by SergioRamos August 31, 2008