a large african american woman who enjoys making pancakes. this word is usually considered derogatory.
"look, that bottle of syrup looks like my aunt jemima!"
by hankanatorX July 01, 2003
Top Definition
Jemima is a compliment to women meaning stunning or someone who can get a man by one look. Abbreviated to Jem and the male version of Jemi

Named after a girl in bristol Jemima Ive who is reported as one of the prettiest girls alive.
"That girl is a real Jem"
"She must be a Jemima"
by Sarah wannabe August 17, 2008
An extremely attractive female with a sparkling personality and lovely laugh! Her smile is infectious and she's always the centre of attention, guys follow her around and everyone wants to be her friend. Jemimas have a great sense of style and an even better taste in music, they're also very photogenic. She'll tend to sleep all day and can be a distraction from work but a jemima is the best friend you'll ever have!
Wow jemima looks good :)
by paddleduck February 21, 2011
Very attractive with a sparkling personality and the cutest laugh! Her smile is infectious and guys follow her around. She's photogenic and is an amazing friend. She'll tend to sleep all day and may be a distraction from work, but jemima is the best friend you'll ever have! She is the most breath taking girl i have ever known that you'll never want to blink to miss a second of her. She has the most beautiful eyes, you cant help but stare and smile back at her. I am the luckiest guy to even have met her, and i love her.
friend 1: i never want to lose Jemima
friend 2: same, shes amazing.
by sharron. March 24, 2011
A girl that is completely insane, but makes you laugh like your crazy too. She is gorgeous, but may use this against you. She is very changeable, and often scares the hell outta you! I would never change her for the world thou, as she is just hilarious&stunning&amazing!

Shortened Abbrievations; Jimmy, Jim, Jem, Mima etc..
Person 1: hey, who's that crazy lady over there?
Person 2: ohhh, I dunno, must be a jemima..

'Aaaah, its a jemima! Oh, don't worry, she just wanted a hug :) '

Jimmy jim jem mima crazy insane pretty
by JOs123 June 03, 2013
A very cute and mesmerizing girl. Being beside her will increase your heart rate by at least 10 times but don't worry,you wouldn't get a heart attack. Instead ,you will love her with each spend with her.Your eyes will only be on her and she will always be your dreamworld throughout the whole of your lifespan.
Wow ,Jemima,I can't take my eyes off you.
by Axersz October 22, 2014
Beuatiful, thin black girl with giant boobs and no ass. Sexy in a nerdy way, but her laugh sounds like a cat drowning. She has a great sense of humor and is a very loyal friend. Shes very nice but is kinda shy at times. Nick names include: Jem, Jemi, Jemz, Mima
Bob: hey jim check out that big booty bitch!
Jim: im more of a breast man... i prefer Jemimas
by coksukr July 09, 2011
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