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Jemily is a girl, that is amazing, and a well-known kind person. She is the best friend of many people, and is hated by jealous chicks for no reason. She is good at listening and being there for others. She will literally be the best of your best friends. You will never regret meeting her :D. She will also always brighten up your day with her smile, and personality. Honestly, she's a gorgeous, kind, and amazing person to be around.
Damn, i wish i was like Jemily, look how amazing she is!
by dontbeafool February 08, 2011
Two people (usually girls) who are so close that they may be percieved as homosexual when they are infact straight.
Person 1: "Dude, are they lesbian for eachother?"
Person 2: "Nahh mate, they're just Jemily. Don't be trippin'"
by JCEH August 07, 2011