Top Definition
Main Entry: Jellyrobe
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): Jellyrobed; Jellyrob·ing; Jellyrobes
1. To repulse a female so forcefully, it changes their sexual orientation, inciting homosexual tendencies in an attempt to escape the repulsiveness.
2. To dodge a statement entirely and make up an entirely different argument to work against that was, coincidentally, not stated or even hinted at by the original party. See strawman.
3. To ruin something good by associating yourself with it.
1. If you dislike the high-quality pussy you undoubtedly get(you damn stud), just Jellyrobe a couple. That's two bitches out ya hair.

2. That's not what was said at all, get out of here with your Jellyrobe tactics.

3. Hey, Dick, you better not Jellyrobe Transformers for me. That's my favorite show!
by Xerxes TWD July 13, 2006
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