When you are having sex with a girl while using a condom and the condom comes off inside her pussy, and she has to fish it out.
She had to go Jellyfishing after my rubber fell off inside her.
by Pavul February 21, 2010
The act in which a man lies on his back as a girl sits reverse cowboy position on his face as he performs cunnilingus. The 'jellyfish' part comes in as the girl flails around as if she were a jellyfish when she climaxes. Usually done in orgies as it's not a physically tasking position for either participant, leaving both extra energy to continue in orgy activities.
John: 'Yo, me and dis bitch tried jellyfishing last night. It was the shit!'
Fred: 'Fuck yeah, I gotta get my girl to try that shit'
by Kessler457 October 24, 2011
the act of smoking such a large bong hit that you choke up a large, clear, gelatinous gob of spit.
Me: Hey Bubby you want to go jellyfishing
Him: Hell ya Sissy, you got some killer 420 I got a blunt wrap lets go fishing, wra!
by Bubby's Sissy September 27, 2011
when you get drunk or high and float in a pool inside a ring float. u let your legs dangle underneath you like a jellyfish and u let your face lay restlessly on the float. if done right it is the most effortless thing you can do.. even more so than laying down
yo last night after we blazed we all went jellyfishing in the pool. it was just way too relaxing
by ddotr1988 June 23, 2011
Cleaning jizz out of your drain, after having sex in the shower.
We had sex in my shower, and I pulled out.. later we had to go jellyfishing.
by BrianBreakdown January 27, 2011
when you nut on a girls face and it looks like a jellyfish
Ben:Yo broskee, i totally was jellyfishing that girl last night.

John:Really! Me Too!
by R Dark Chocolate R January 29, 2010
When you have to fish the used condom out of his asshole because it slipped off.
After we finished fucking, I had to go jellyfishing so we wouldn't lose the condom.
by Pornicus November 26, 2013
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