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An inspection used when you are either highly intoxicated or just unsure of your targets sex. It is performed by cuping the right hand upwards, placing it in the genital area and finally wiggling your fingers to resemble the motion of a Jellyfish. Eel Cave = Girl Swordfish = guy.
Guy1: Dude that bitch is kinda hot.
Guy2: Noway man, I was drunk last night and I Jellyfished her.
Guy1: So?
Guy2: Swordfish!
by Arggh February 06, 2005
24 27
when you get stung by a jellyfish, pee on yourself
Stanzi pull your pants down and pee on the jellyfish burn!!!!
by Lillian Barreto July 29, 2008
0 4
when a wet load of skeet sticks to your girl in the bath tub and dries up white all over her pasty ass.
that hoe got left in the tub with a jelly fish on her face.
by corey-Tufts August 31, 2008
4 9
the act of touching a boob, moving your fingers in the manner of a jellyfish. aka second base.
girl 1: "Hey, did you and Jayson do anything last night?"
girl 2: "Well, he had to leave early so we made out and he jellyfished me."

by avielleb March 29, 2008
1 7
The result of masturbation (male) in the bath.
I had to take a shower after the bath 'cos I got jellyfish in my hair.
by DeDLoK March 07, 2005
20 26
Function: adjective, 1 : lacking mental strength: as a; deficiency in the spinal unit that creates physical vigor which results in being as FEEBLE as possible in a time when having balls is required. 2: Not able to sustain or exert much weight, pressure, or strain in the weight room, not able to take external force or withstand verbal attack.
"... we could have used Bob in the fight, but he just turned into a jelly fish before our very eyes."
by TheSoapShow December 19, 2004
3 13
Female sportbike rider who is passive, average looking, and conservative when riding. Opposite of jelly fish is "sharkie".
"Erica is such a jelly fish." or "I love jelly fish"
by A. B. H. January 24, 2007
5 16