a hard core gamer who hasn't seen the light of day in weeks, giving them the same see through complexion as a jellyfish.
that guy never misses..must be a jellyfish
by muvimkr September 27, 2011
The ability to ejaculate with a half-erect penis, usually caused by narcotics or alcohol
Whoa I was rockstar drunk last night, I totally jellyfishes whats-her-pickle and got outta there fast
by Burnaby_Bo July 10, 2011
When a man and woman have sex in a pool and the man pulls out at the last second and shoots his "jellyfish" into the water. This can and should be enhanced by being performed at night in a pool with lights making the jellyfish glow. This move can also be performed with gay males, or even a solo male.
1. I came by your house last night to use your pool. I ended up giving your sister a jellyfish.

2. I jellyfished your sister.
by Captain J. Sizzle April 26, 2011
A game not commonly played. The object is to not be the last person to say Jellyfish.
Someone shouts out 'jellyfish' and everyone has to say, 'jellyfish'. The last person to say this says 'I am not a jellyfish'.

Then everyone laughs at them.
David: "Jellyfish!"
Jake: "Jellyfish-"
Becki: "-jellyfish-"
Simon: "I am NOT, a jellyfish."
by Pseudonymrawr June 13, 2010
When a woman leaves a wad of toilet paper in the toilet and it has trapped air under it, giving it a slightly bulbous look.
Aw, bitch, can't you flush, I don't want to see your jellyfish.
by Poosie October 14, 2008
To ejaculate. to produce seamen as a result of stimulous
Did you use a condom? No, I just pulled out and jellyfished all over her milk wagons.
by windsor December 20, 2005
One of the most annoying things on planet earth. They have jiggly bodies and tentecles that they sting you with. The deadly ones near Austrailia like the box jellyfish can kill you within 10 minutes, but the common ones nears the USA aren't that dangerous but when they sting you it itches like there's no tomorrow.
Lisa: Ouch! I think I got stung by one of those stupid jellyfish!
Jane: Haha sucker.
by honorband71 August 03, 2010

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