A woman who is great to look at, but dangerous to get close too.
"She's hot! Too bad she's a jellyfish... That girl is crazy as hell, she'll stab you during foreplay..."
by DaRealMan March 12, 2013
Awesome. Really cool. A common synonym is: bomb, but cannot be used with 'the' preceding the word.

'The Jellyfish' is incorrect.

'Jellyfish' is correct.
Person A "Dude, why are you allowed to do that...?"
Person B "Cos I'm Jellyfish..."

Person A "DUDE LOOK AT THAT THING OVER THERE. it's jellyfish!"
by chiangchiangchiangchiangchiang December 06, 2010
Silicone breast implants. Resembling jellyfish.
Damn, look at the jellyfish on that girl!
by Teh Zack October 25, 2010
Jellyfishes (jealous bishes) is a jealous person who appears to be attractive, even harmless but will sting you at the worst possible moment. They often pretend to be your friend but wish they were you and quietly can't stand you.
Attractive, successful person: I am so sick of you stank-azz Jellyfishes all in my business! Get a life! *evil stare*
by CeeBeezy February 26, 2010
a successfully used condom filled with ejaculate
that was fun baby, let me throw away this jellyfish
by chasingorion February 02, 2010
A Jellyfish is what you make when you wack off into a glass of water. The result is a partially floating, dangling, jizz strand that looks like a jellyfish.
"So did you hook up with whats-her-name last night?"

"No dude, I just went home and made a jellyfish."
by El Spicy Taco August 21, 2008
Group of sober people who follow the String Cheese Incident. Like the Wharfrats to the Dead.
"Meet me at the Jellyfish meeting at set break"
by krash.burner January 28, 2008

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