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Jelly- any type of ball (football normally)
Object- to kick and head butt the ball. You may only drop kick the JELLY to put the jelly into play. At the end of the game you play paper rock siccors best 2 of 3. If you kick the ball on the roof your teacher must sit you out for 5 minutes........ 3<=8

Gotcha Ms. Miller
Play jelly squat at recess
by NJSA commisioner #.5 March 19, 2009
a game played by students at recess, mainly 8th graders, in which you kick a ball and scream loudly. This name has no vulgar meaning and is looked down upon by most teachers. This game is highly educational because of the bonus round in which the players must answer rapid math problems.
Jelly squat is a fun and great game i hope we can play it again.
by the teacher helper March 19, 2009
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