This whole jelly bracelet crap is stupid and someone just came up this so called "sex or shag" game so that us teens who aren't really smart will end up having sex at an early age... well, to me this whole "sex" thing is stupid and whoever come up with it needs to be taught some big ass lesson...

This goes to the parents:
Please stop treating us like little five year olds with these stupid bracelets...let us learn what live is all about by letting us wear them to school each and every day... also, let us decide if wearing these bracelets are worth it or not because sooner or later we won't be living on our own in our own house and that means that you won't be there to tell us what to do so please let us learn the hard way what life is all about...

This is for the schools:
We aren’t trying to have sex at school, we aren’t trying to doing anything bad by wearing these jelly bracelets. We just are trying to look cuter, hotter, or trying to make a fashion statement by wearing them. So please don’t take our bill of rights away from us just because we feel it’s right to wear the bracelets or we like having them as a fashion statement…

We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of the Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the Untied States of America… Remember the constitutions Preamble… well, us teens are just trying to live by it the best we can but when one stupid person starts making a stupid “sex” game out of these bracelets it turns our lives inside out and people start thinking we are having sex when we wear them… well, some of us teens that wear them know right from wrong and us teens that do know right from wrong are just wearing them as a fashion statement not a way to earn sex for free from a few friends… so don’t worry you won’t have to ban these jelly bracelets anymore from the schools or from the United States at all because us teens out there that wore wearing these bracelets that are girls have stopped wearing them because people think that we are having us when we wear them and that’s something we want hanging on us for live…

This is what they mean to us kids these days at school:
Black- Goth/punk
Purple- virgin
Red- single
Blue- bad girl
Yellow- kiss
Orange- make out
Green- hug
Pink- no meaning
White- flash
Clear- no meaning
Mom: Hun, you can't wear those bracelets to school because each color means a different thing.

Me: Well, I don't care if they mean a different color or not. I am still going to wear them to school or not.

Mom: If you do I will have to ground you from the computer for a week.

Me: Fine! I will take them off and not wear them to school. "Walks off and puts them into my backpack in my room. Then later puts them on when I get to school."
by nina January 02, 2005
ok just because alot of people at my school guys included where these braclets it doesn't mean that we have had sex maybe some girls do but it is the sluts way of getting what she wants which is sex.
ME "hey guys you broke my bracelet'
Guy "i know now you have to have sex with me"
Me "no you just owe my 25 cents so i can get more"
Guy "fine i guess you aren't like the other gurls"
by jessica August 24, 2004
black~sex with condom
red~sex w/o condom
light blue~hand job
indigo~hand job with blow job
blue~blow job
pink~french kiss and cunnilingus
yellow~big bear hug
purple~full fledge make out session
clear~wild card
silver or gray~fisting
clear gold with glitter~fingering
clear blue~all of everthing
clear pink~its the gurls choice
clear green~all anal
glow in the dark blue~boy sex toys
glow in the dark green or yellow~sex toys
glow in the dark pink~female sex toys
hot pink~make out
red & black~69
light blue with glitter~sex in the water
i really dont have in example so im very sorry but parents needs to chill out on what they are talkin about because us teens just dont wear it for sex so if these parents dont know what we are doing then they need to back the fuck off plus its our choice anyways its our bodies not theres so we should be able to do what the fuck we want dont u agree
by toohottie1988 August 22, 2004
This is what they mean at my school

Black- Sexual Intercourse
Red- Lap Dance
Pink- Flashing
Orange- 69
Yellow- Hug
Green- Eat out
Blue- Blow job
Purple- Kissing
Silver- Fisting
White- French Kiss
Clear- Whatever the breaker wants
Gold glitter- Full make out session
Glow in the dark- Use sex toys
Brown- Anal sex ( i put that even though we dont wear brown)
there just stupid bracelets you dont have to do that stuff if u dont want to
by nvm June 07, 2004
jelly bracelets r tight!! i dont c wut the prob is. if kids wanta b whores let em.. i mean most of us arent gunna do that stuff cuz sumone broke ou bracelet! how lame! imma skater/punk i wear black n blue ..... i juz wear em cuz they r cool not to fuck. if u wear them juz to fuck ur desperate!!
a guy breaks my bracelet ... we joke about it n its over! adults get a life!!!!!!!!
by bri May 28, 2004
Sex is sex. Some people use the word sex as something different!
Yea I wear SEX BRACELETS but I don't really worry about the meanings of the bracelets. Some teachers at my school think we are acually going to do the meanings so they band us from having them. But if it someone that I really like or I really think is cute, then I might just take the chance of letting them break my bracelet. But mainly just wear it for fashion!
by Mashiyah May 24, 2004
dude, this game is stupid. Its not like if I give a black bracelet to my boyfriend, and he brakes it, that im going to fuck his brains out anytime soon..... i mean, DAMN! stop trying to take away our fashion statements!

Either way, these bracelets are going to fade out and theres going to be something new in
no example....
by Egg! May 10, 2004

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