They don't mean anything it's just a style.We wear them everyday.Half of these colors aren't even the same that people are sending in.JUST GET OVER IT!!It doesn't mean anything.There is more is more to worry about in the world besides what the meaning a bracelet color has.We know that people aren't doing what these things really mean!
GeT oVeR yOuRsElF!!!
MoVe On!!!
by Cheerchick November 27, 2003
Jellies are skinny rubbery bracelets, that come in many colors.
Jellies have been a part of counter -culture/80s mod/and alternative fashion for years now.

Black was the original jelly color of the 80s, when jellies originated. Many Goths and Punks still wear them.

Lately just because some teens labeled them, does not orinally make them what they seem.
They are now seen as sex accessories, the fad will pass.

Teenyboppers once again picked up on counterculture fashion. Ohh great!
The use of Jelly Bracelets with sexual meanings will soon pass.
by VX December 12, 2003
to me jellies are just fashion i wear lots of them in every color yeah some of my friends are into the sexual meanings but me i think its gay..i'm a skater its just something to wear like a pair of jeans i mean if i wanted to have sex or anything i would do it b/c i felt ready and b/c i was ready not b/c one of my jellies got broke its really gay but here they mean
blue-oral sex
hot pink-makeout
i was at a party and someone broke one of my pink jellies and said its time to make out..i walked away sayin its not my style
by Britt May 10, 2004
Jelly bracelets---sexual rubber bands used as a joke for junior high and highschool teens. There is no actual sexual intercourse associated with them.


red=lap dance

purple=passionate sex



orange=kiss/outdoor sex


pink=make out

glow-in-the-dark pink=sex with girls sex toys

glow in the dark blue=sex with boys sex toys

glow-in-the-dark green/yellow= sex with porn

silver=outdoor sex/fingering

gold=date and all of the above

green(dark)=hand job


glitter makes it double
I never knew about the meanings of the jelly bracelets until it hit media and media was shown to everyone. I think the definitions of jelly bracelets and the "snap" game is a corporate scandal so kids end up breaking their bracelets and going out and buying more of them.

Think about it, the more that's broken, the more that's bought. People should get their heads outta their ass' and see the light! BRACELETS are nothing but what is stated. they are a bracelet for fashion, a bracelet for friendship, something for creativity(hence linking em). The sexual means is a sad excuse to get laid or any other type of sexual intercourse. A female is not going to do anything with a guy unless she wants to, is sexually attracted to, or is forced to by physical means.
the media ruins the world and everything else. It's there to spread lies and hate, not to help the community.
by BloodShot May 09, 2004
Jelly bracelets mean whatever you want them to mean.They can mean sex or a fashion statement.I wear 'em for both.Now it aint a crime to wear those and it is really strange that schools would ban them.Look,i have more then a lot of jelly "sex" braceletes ..whatever.The point is,no matter what it means,people will still wear 'em.

My definitions~

Pink~make out
Purple~hand job
Green~oral sex
and i have wayy more then that.
"I am so hoping to get laid by that guy.I just need him to snap my black bracelet".
by Hanna December 16, 2003
They're just little jelly bracelets we all wear to try and look cool, but we all know nobody actually does anything.
In my school this is what they mean:
Black: Sex
Blue: Blowjob
Pink: Make Out
Yellow: Hug
Purple: Kiss
Red: Lap Dance
Green: Eat Out
White: Flash
Him: "If I break your black one, will you have sex with me?"
Me: "Yes."
Him: "Really?"
Me: "No."
by Spikes April 28, 2005
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