blue-oral sex
green-outdoor sex/hugs
purple & orange-kiss
glow in the dark- sex toyz
red-lap dance
clear-whatever the snapper wants
pink-eat out
That is what they mean where i come from.
rubber snap bracelets
by Chelsi December 21, 2003
Bracelets worn on the wrists, usually by middle school students that are related to sex. It is said that its a "new fad among middle school students." It is basically like truth or dare but instead, the game involves wearing colored rubber braceletes, which have various meanings, some sexual. Students break the bracelets off each other and they are supposedely entitled to specific acts, some as innocent as a hug, others sexually explicit. Such as gangbanging each other, fingering, giving head, and fucking each others brains out. It has gone to the point to where middle school campuses are banning jelly bracelets after discovering their meaning! Inside classrooms and hallways, students -- guys and girls -- would grab each other's bracelets, hoping to snap one off. Though there is talk of Web sites providing coldes, the various meanings behind the vracelets apparently are devised by students and have no consistency. One email from a teacher concerning the sixth-grade code stated that a red bracelet stands for a lap dance while a blue one symbolized oral sex. If thats not suprising, the jelly bracelets are a top seller at Claire's at the Paddock Mall. Officials as well as students say the bracelets are mainly a childish game, where the related acts were seldom, or ever, carried out. Who are they kidding?! Haha Of course the students are going to say that and you know as well as I do that officials usually dont know what they are talking about. A interesting stistic I found interesting is that, according to researchers, a recent study shows that 1 in 5 have had sexual intercourse by age 15. Not suprising me, 1 out of 7 girls get pregnant by the same age, 15.
I grabbed this hot bitches bracelet and we fucked each others brains out that night. Not only did I keep her thong as a trophy but I also have the green bracelet.
by Craig Dunn October 16, 2003
well i just found out about them from a friend, and i always thought they were kinda cute, but now i want to get some because well, i never know when my boyfriend wants to kiss or what not, so i figure ill get some and then he can take it off me, (id rather not have them broken, as they are cute) and then i know,
i have been to some sites and they all say its just a game, and no means no.
i think its all alot of bullshit, but people have free will, and the more they tell people its bad, the more people will wear it.
ya i will wear them, but nothing will make me have sex unless i feel ready
by shade April 14, 2004
Okay this is all a load of crap...It's tipical of frigin parents or dumb ass ppl making up some dumb reason for these bracelets...I have over 60 of them and not once has neone tried to break one or said nething to me about a secret meaning. Why does every new trend or fasion have to be turned around into some gay ass conflict. Im in grade 10 and i wear them every single day, i match them with my outfit and play with them when im bord in class. Even if somebody were to break one of them off, i wouldnt go doing nething with them...In fact id be mad at them for breaking them. All this other crap about the little elementry kids and them being banded from their schools is there choice, god if your kid wears them and then does sumthing with sum1 cuz it got broken off, well then thats the parents fault not theres. I have almost every colour, and i intend to get more. I gave my cuzin a sparkly pink and a sparkly purple one, she links them together and i wear the saem...they're like friend-ship braclets. Me and my best friend share all ours, even though she only has about 5, and we share wrist bands of all colours. God whats next, are you going to say wen a wrist band is pulled off you have to so a sexual favor for sum1?!?!I only herd about this a few days ago and frankly its retarded. If you are so dumb as to do wat the "colour code" says then thats your problem
I would never do nething for neone
by Pissed off teen!! March 13, 2004
Jelly Bracelets are a fashion trend started in the 80s. Also, they're considered as "sex bracelets" today but now a days they're mostly worn by goths or people who just use them as a fashion trend. I have one of each color because I like to collect the colors and I think they're really cool. People say that there's hidden meanings to them which is true but my friends and I don't even care about the meanings. But I know what EVERYONE of the colors means and if you really wanna know what they mean here it is, just scroll down:

Black-The Full Monty/Sexual Intercourse
Green-On the grass
Purple-Girls Choice
White-Flash what you have
Gold-Suck on any part of the body
Brown-Toss my salad
Limegreen-Three-sum or Four-sum
Dark Blue-Hardcore sex
Light Blue-Masturbate
Indigo-Handjob/Handjob w/ blowjob

Glittery Purple-French Kiss
Glittery Yellow-Hug & Kiss
Glittery Pink-Flash a body part
Glittery Blue-Doggy Style
Glittery Green-69
Glittery Red-POP MY CHERRY (Only worn by virgins)
Glittery Orange-Kinky Sex
Glittery Gold-Make out
Glittery Clear-Feel up OR Touch a body part

Glow in the dark Blue-Use male sex toys
Glow in the dark Pink-Use female sex toys
Glow in the dark Green/Yellow-Sex with porn
Glow in the dark Orange-7 minutes in heaven

These bracelets are involved in a game called "snap" it's where the guy breaks a bracelet off the girls wrist and they have to do it depending on the meaning but most people don't play that game. The only people that play this game are people who are sexually active. Just because girls wear them doesn't mean that they're playing the game.
Jelly bracelets can be snapped but it depends on the color that is being snapped. A girl is wearing a yellow jelly bracelet, the guy snaps it off of her wrist and she gives him a hug *that's cute*. A girl is wearing a glittery clear jelly bracelet, the guy snaps it off her wrist *PERVERT* and the girl slaps the guy across the face or demands for a new glittery clear jelly bracelet.
by Ice-Ice-Baby July 19, 2006
Jelly bracelets are also known as sex bracelets and they're also considered as a fashion trend among young girls. People don't take them seriously and others do. But I know what EVERYONE of the colors mean and also they're involved in a game called SNAP. Or, you can wear them as a fashion trend. I've worn jelly bracelets since they came out, I wear one of each color on ym wrist but because I have so many I've had to divide colors on my left and right wrist. I have regular colors, light colors, and glow in the darks on my right wrist. On my left wrist I have glitteries, clears, metallics and clear with glitteries in them.

Black- The full monty/sexual intercourse
Blue- Blowjob/oral sex
Red- Lapdance
Pink- Hickey
Green- On the grass
Lime Green- Three sum or Four sum
Yellow- Hug
Orange- Kiss
White- Flash what you have
Clear- Whatever the snapper wants
Brown- Toss my salad
Purple- Girls choice
Gold- Fingering
Glittery black- Girl on top of the guy
Glittery yellow- Hug & Kiss
Glittery light purple- Good for one good orgasm
Glittery purple- French kiss
Glittery red- Pop my Cherry (VIRGIN) or Girl takes full control
Glittery blue- Doggy style/anal sex
Glittery orange- Necking
Glittery green- 69
Glittery pink- Flash a body part
Glittery gold- Make out
Glittery clear- Feel up or touch a body part
Glow in the dark pink- Female sex toys
Glow in the dark blue- Male sex toys
Glow in the dark green or yellow- Sex with porn
Glow in the dark orange- 7 minutes in heaven
Glow in the dark purple- Kinky sex
Glow in the dark white- Strip
Light blue- Masturbate
Dark blue- Hardcore sex
Indigo- Handjob/ handjob with blowjob
Clear blue- All of everything
Clear red- Sex Using Strawberries && Whipped Cream
Clear yellow- Sex/Oral Sex using a flavored condom
Clear green- All anal
Clear pink- eat out
Clear orange- sex on the beach
Clear purple- Recite (You HAVE to do what the snapper wants NO MATTER WHAT)
Light green- Giving Head
Light pink- Girl on girl action (Only a FEMALE can break this bracelet)
Light orange- One Night Stand
Light purple- Hot sex in the dark
Light yellow- Spanking
Red & Black TOGETHER- 69
Clear w/ Red Glitter- Guy takes full control
Clear w/ Purple Glitter- Foreplay
Clear w/ Pink Glitter- Oral sex on a girl
Clear w/ Blue Glitter- Sex In The Water
Clear w/ Green Glitter- Titty sex
Clear w/ Yellow Glitter- Rubbing Clit

This is involved in a game called SNAP. This is how it's played, if a guy snaps on any color bracelet then the girl must reward him with that favor but if the guy snaps the purple bracelet then it's up to the girl. This game is played by people who are already sexually active, just because girls are wearing these bracelets doesn't mean that they're playing the game. Player One selects a participant wearing jelly bracelets (Player Two). Player One chooses a bracelet based on its color and pulls on it until it "snaps" off Player Two's arm. The bracelet may only be removed from Player Two by manually breaking it without the aid of scissors, nail clippers, pocket knives, etc. If Player One loses their grip on the bracelet, and it snaps back against Player Two's arm without breaking, Player One loses their turn. If Player One succeeds in breaking the bracelet, they may perform with Player Two the act signified by the color of the bracelet, as agreed upon by the game's participants. Player One may opt to redeem the broken bracelet (the "sex coupon") at a later time, but it may be used only once. Also, to do what the snapper wants no matter what if he breaks the clear purple bracelet, he must also break another bracelet at the same time for the action to count. The snapper can only choose one color to break with the clear purple bracelet.
by LiSaLiCiOuS September 22, 2007
They don't mean anything it's just a style.We wear them everyday.Half of these colors aren't even the same that people are sending in.JUST GET OVER IT!!It doesn't mean anything.There is more is more to worry about in the world besides what the meaning a bracelet color has.We know that people aren't doing what these things really mean!
GeT oVeR yOuRsElF!!!
MoVe On!!!
by Cheerchick November 27, 2003

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