im 12 and here they mean this:if a boy breaks it off the girls wrist depending on the color it stands for a act he wants to do with the girl
here is what jelly bracelets colors mean in my town.:
black=oral sex
purple=anal sex
blue=sex w/out condom or protection
clear=w/ever you want(mostly hug or quick kiss)
gold glitter=make out
red=lap dance or french kiss
yellow(lol my fav!)=hug
blue=blow job
clear w/sparkle=friendship
any other color w/sparkle=normally the breakers pic
by lala_113_lala October 10, 2005
Yellow: hugging
Purple: kissing
Red: lap dance
Blue: oral sex
Black: strip

Thats what they mean where i live. I don't wear em.
what jelly bracelets mean.
by Amy November 19, 2003
Personally,to me, jelly bracelets are just a fashion that is in! I mean, people think they are so cool knowing ALL of the meanings, when actually it is crap! Basically to me and my friends, jelly bracelets are just a fashion statement, not a sex game!
The jelly bracelets come in many colors...such as:
by karkars March 21, 2006
This is crazy. It is someones choice if they want to do "what the bracelet means". But why would you? They are plastic. come on. My parents let me wear them and don't care about the meanings. They know what they stand for and they know that i am smarter then other people. They also know that i am not stupid to go out and do something stupid over a bracelet. i have 212 of them and if they get broken then i buy more. But other then that there is no reason why people should worry about their kids doing stupid shit.
My boyfriend broke one and he kept it. I gave him a kiss for it. That was the end of the whole thing. People are so stupid anymore. I swear. There are so many people that go with the meanings for jelly bracelets.
by ICProx December 10, 2005
a cool accsesory witch has no accoaiation with sex or what ever
just because some people made this dosen't mean that you have to beleave it. i like the bracelets
hi jessica do you like my jelly bracelets?
ya they are awesome
by p.o.d.t.j.l. January 04, 2009
Ok... I've been wearing jellies since 7th grade and i wear them but i don't go by the official color code... so here is mine
black-sex (any kind)
sliver- French Kiss
clear- snappers choice (no sex)
blue- kiss (kiss type is your choice)
purple- girls choice
by KITTYLOVER July 22, 2004
Blue= oral/ blowjob/ head
red = lapdance
yellow= hug/ or kiss mostly hug
white =flash boobies (sometimes = gay kiss, or french kiss)
pink = flashin
hot pink= makeout
clear pink = grl's choice
clear= the breaker's/ snapper's choice
purple= anal(doggy style, or holdin hands)
silver/gray= fistin
green= eat out
orange = kiss
glow in da dark= sex t.

black& red= 69
brown= toss my SALAD
glittery gold= make out
Clear 1s(any color other tahn clear pink)= watever the breaker wants

there are more than that way way way way way way way way way way way way way more than that
those r the meanings DEAL W/ IT....
these r juss a freakin escuse 2 do it and 4 parents 2 blame on doin it... if they pop 1 it juss means they like u or sumthin like that... parents think they know it all..... JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP.... it's the kid's choice they can do it if they please.... ok????

This dude likes me & wants me 2 give him head... so he wants 2 pop ma blue 1.... it'll b so funny when i tell him that it duzn't nessecarily mean i gotta do it :)
by MOItttcrulesMOI July 17, 2004
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