I wear them all the time and didn't know ne thing about this whole thing until my aunt came up to me and asked if i knew about it! I had no idea but kept wearing them ne way, and now i find out that the pink/black bracelets i wear mean the full monty and kissing. But in my school, no one has ever heard of it.
I'm wearing a pink bracelet, if u snap if off my wrist i'll kiss u, but then ur gonna have to buy me a new one..
by Christine March 05, 2004
hey i live in australia and here jelly bracelets do mean things just like the states but these meanings are mainly just used to dipict someones mood or some people just think the meanings are funny so they wear the bracelets.and the first time i ever heard about snap was on the net and we dont play it in australia!!!
also some of the sites say that boys dont wear the bracelets but we do!!!!

i mean wat is the world coming to over in the usa as if u would play snap!!!!!!
our definitions are:
black- intercourse
red-oral sex
pink- kiss
yellow-hug and kiss
clear -what ever the snapper wants
rainbow- all of the above
by big joe January 26, 2004
Jelly Bracelets aren't bad at all. Me and my friends wear them all the time and we aren't going to go sleep with someone. This is really lame and people who want to have sex won't stop having it just because schools are banning bracelets. They will just get stoned or doped up at a party and do it anyways. I have seen my three-year-old cousin wearing the bracelets cuz they are cute and they don't pinch her arms. There is no inner meaning. And if some freako people say there is its because they are too shy to ask about what they want to do so they will make up a stupid thing about innocent bracelets. The people in my school won't even let us wear hair ties on our wrists so that we can't play "snap" with them. This is lame.
I wear them all the time.
by Kimie Goodwin December 13, 2003
Colorful simple bracelets worn mostly by teens. I used to have some when I was a kid, and now I'm a teen and I have a bunch more. They're also known as 'sex bracelets', that means if someone brakes a certain colored jelly bracelet (which is hard to do in my opinion), they have to do what the color means. But they're just mostly worn for fashion.
It's common to see them being worn by scene kids (or styles like scene).

You could probably find them just about anywhere, but I got mine at Hot Topic.
girl 1: I love your jelly bracelets!
girl 2: Thanks! I have a bunch more.
girl 1: Ooh! Can I have one?
girl 2: Sure, but make sure no one brakes it.
by go-away January 26, 2013
Ever since I heard what jelly bracelets meant I wore them just to make everyone go crazy today me and my friends bought 100 to share because we love to make people to go crazy. though I don't wear black.
My example for if a guy took off my jelly bracelets.
If someone actually broke of on of mine well if it is kiss hug or girls choice(which I pick kiss and hug)one and the guy is hot I might but mostly I wouldn't. And if they do and say "you have to have sex with me", I slap them aross the face,take the blacelet, amd say "do it with your self if your so despate! and while your a it give me a buck to go buy for the ones you broke" and if they say" they're just 5cents each" I would said "will that's what you devered to even think about havingsex with me"
by jewely lover March 24, 2007
Jelly Braceletz arn't anything for parents need to worry about. They're just something that teens like to talk about. They're not sex bracelets, like if someone brakes another persons bracelet then you have to do whatever the bracelet means w/ the person that broke it. But, we dont really do anything...its just a joke....
Girl: you boke my bracelet...(its red)
Boy: you have to give me a lap dance now...
Girl: ha ha ha ha ha
Boy: (laughs with her)
by Christy March 12, 2005
Well,you can believe what ever you want about the jellys....just b/c someone snaps it of does't mean you have to...nobodys making you believe in them!!
At my highschool we just joke around about it..if someone snaps it of we are all like oh yea we will soooo do that tonight..doesn't mean we are going to.
I wear them all the time, it is just sorta a cool thing now. It is funn to just joke around about it....If someone wants to use the meanings that is there business and you should not critisize them about it. They just wanna have fun.
So about back to the thing about beleiving in them or not....jus b/c little kids were them does not mean that they have to go along with what people think the def. is.....
I don't think that little kids should know about the meanings
my b.f's little sister:
" I have seen those bracelets before, the green one means: outdoor "S"
and the purple one means: anal"
*I tryed not to laugh
Her mom got pissed off...and now they are banned from her school....
by Mickey October 09, 2004

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