I haven't heard about jelly bracelets until I read about on AOL's teen website. I did a little research, and now I do know what they are. A jelly bracelet is just what it says it is. A bracelet. The only people that seem to be making it about sex is adults. Don't ban them from everyone because one kid fucked all the boys/girls in the school because they pulled on a certain color.It's not that big of a deal. They might be a fashion statement, but I don't wear them. To tell the truth, I haven't seen them. And if I did, I wouldn't waste my money on them. For those who do wear them, keep wearing them. If you know you're not doing the wrong thing, you're doing fine. The main people who will recieve the greatest impact from this are the ones that are giving head and so on. Keep on with the bracelets.
Black, blue, red, orange, purple, etc. They're all colors of the rainbow. Nothing else.
by Candy December 13, 2003
colorful bracelets worn in the '80s as a fashion statement or fad, like charms or florescent socks. They did not stand for sex then. I guess times have really changed. People will find meanings for everything, like rainbows mean gay.
I used to wear all 80 of my jelly bracelets at one time.
by BlackGoddess December 11, 2003
black = sex
blue = handjob
red = blowjob
clear = snapper's choice
green = anal
white = flash
pink = girl's choice
light blue = guy's choice
gold = finger
silver/grey = fisting
yellow = hug
purple = hug & kiss
orange = 69
glow in the dark = sex toys
indigo = suck any part of the body
oh... he snapped one of my jelly bracelets... oh well... ;)
by clawing-backs May 13, 2013
Thin colored plastic bracelets that are worn on the wrist by mostly teenage peoples. They have no meaning whatsoever and some people are stupid enough that they do have meaning of the sexual kind. I mean, jeez. I'm wearing a pink one and a blue one right now, and I'm not trying to get fucked. Its hard to believe anyone can be that desperate.

guy#1-dude, you're wearing pink and blue Jelly bracelets, you know what that means right?

Me- Yeah, it means that I won them in archery, and star throwing at the FUCKING RENAISSANCE FAIR!!! And if you seriously get any dumber by giving these little plastic rings a sexual meanings, I might have to go back to the fair, and win more of them, using your head as a FUCKING TARGET

PS~that example is a true story
by Jesus-Fishboy November 06, 2008
these "sex bracelets" dont mean a thing. they're just something cool to were. thy're fun to play with in class and make them into different designs. all of the girls at my school weres these and even some of the guys do. we all know what each different color means although none of us do them. when one is snaped we'll tease eachother and that will be it.
my best guy friend broke mine yesterday. he laughed and said "haha i guess you owe me a blowjob now...hahaha" i told him "mmhmm right never happening" he answered "yah i know i was just playing...but a hug would be nice"

see theres nothing wrong with these jelly bracelets or "sex bracelets" they are just a joke and a trend.
by K@y K@y April 09, 2006
cheap bracelets made out of plasticie jellie stuff
I bought a pack of 100 jelly braceletes at Hot Topic for only $6.00.
by Michelina July 10, 2005
an inexpensive braclet that looks cool when tied up in various ways, a fad in the 80's mostly made re-popular by "rockers" like avril lavigne, and billy talent
hottopic wannabe - i like those little bracelets avril wears where can i get them?

punk-rock chick- at the dollar store

hottopic wannabe - oh... :S
by richey-j July 04, 2005
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