Jelly Bracelets are simple little bracelets. The stupid meanings are meant for whores/sluts that have nothing better to do.

I wear the bracelets because I want to, not because I want sex/to make out/ etc.
"I have the ugliest jelly bracelets ever."
by Sydney January 14, 2005
I think that the whole "sex bracelets" is all bull. I mean schools in my area have even banned them because they "promote" sexual relations. I believe that no matter what, people are still going to have sex and whatnot with or without banning the bracelets. Breaking someone's "sex bracelet" does not mean you HAVE to have sex with that person, it's still your choice. I wear the Jelly bracelets and yes some of my friends and my ex and my current boyfriend have even broken them but that doesn't mean I am obligated to have sex with them, I'm still a Virgin!!! My friends and I all do know what the colors "mean" but we jokingly break them basically making fun of people who actually think you have to have sex with someone who broke your black jelly bracelet. Get real people! Keep wearing those Jelly bracelets no matter what people think! ROCK ON!
omg u broke my jelly bracelet, my mom's gonna kill me!
by Jessica August 25, 2004
blue~fuck u
yellow~get an adult
by RANDI June 16, 2004
blue~sex in the water
white~body rub
clear~fuck with sperm
that are my meaning for jelly's
by chris June 07, 2004
They are just braclets people need to stop adding sex meaning to them because not everyone thinks they are and people just need to stop
at my school
by laura May 28, 2004
Thier just cheap bracelets

Its not a sex game,you kids and your stupid sex games are retarded,im 20 and i just now learned of this,your stupid sex games are going to ruin wearing bracelets for other kids,knock off your stupid crap kids.
I wear "jelly" bracelets because thier cheap,NOT because i want sex
by Mike McSkanky April 25, 2004
Personally...I JUST DONT GET why adults are making such a big deal out of something so my school...we just wear them for fun..they have no sexual meaning. i wear them every once and a while..and i see no harm in it..i can undersatnd an adult wanting to stop a sexual related game..but in my school..ITS NOT!!!..i just found out the meaning this week..and i admit..I was quite surprised what they meant..but i dont really care...if kids wear them for a sexual cause..thats their decision...but I is a fasion statement around my community.
"i dont see why you wear those things..they are discraceful and wrong...they will ruin your reputation."
Ummm Hmmm...Yeah...whatever
by ziggy_springer_2003 April 07, 2004

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