So jelly bracelets definately did not have that meaning when I was a kid, they were simply fun to wear, and everyone wore them for fun. I had a large collection of them, and I still do. They were a fashion item in the 80s first popularized by Madonna and soon everyone was wearing them. These kids today, who I'm sorry, totally missed the 80s and have no idea what they are talking about, are giving them a definition they were not meant for. Goths/Punks still wear them today with their original intention. As far as I'm concerned, they will always have their TRUE definition: fashion item worn for fun that started in the 1980s. Wow, I feel really old now after explaining all that. :-D
Soft plastic multicolored bracelets that became a popular fashion item in the 1980s and still worn today.
by JoKeR February 08, 2004
kk Im 14 yrs old and i dont go any of the shit... i have about 40 on each arm...when i guy breaks it i tell the to **** off and get a life the ones that mean hug or sumthin i dont care but the rest hell ya! here are the meaning at my school'
red:make out
Blue:lap dance
Pink:oral sex
Green:eating out
glow in the dark: use of sex toys
orange:doggy style
purple: tittysex
white/clear:anything they want

The rest i forget!! it will all be over soon and a new fad will be in
by mandy November 26, 2004
Rubber bracelets worn by young people that can be used a s a "Sex coupon" when broken off of the wrist. Here are the meanings that my friends and I use:

Black~ Sex
Red~french kiss
Light Blue~ Hand-job
Indigo~ Hand-job with blowjob
Blue~ Blowjob
Pink~ cunnilingus.
Green-sex in public
Yellow~ golden shower
White~french kiss
Orange~ grope
Clear~ Wild-card
Clear with glitter~ Also wildcard
Gold~ Anal
Clear Gold with glitter~fingering
Clear blue~All of everything
Clear Pink~ Its the girls choice.
Clear Green~ All Anal
Glow in the dark pink~ female sex toys
Glow in the dark blue~ boy sex toys
Glow in the dark green or yellow~ Sex with porn.

The one exception is if the act has to be performed on someone besides the person who broke the bracelet. Pink for example means girl on girl or the guy who broke it goes down on said girl
Guy walks up to girl
Guy asks girl what the bracelets mean
If guy is ugly, girl responds "nothing, why?"
If guy is attractive girl says "why dont you find out"
Guy breaks bracelet
Girl performs act (unless it is pink)
by OnlyTheGirl November 13, 2004
fashion! thats all they are
dude i just wear them because i think there awesome, ive worn them forever and nobody has riped them off of me yet maybe because they have no meaning. maybe in florida where there suposidly banned they have a meaning but not where i live, here the colors are just a way to express yourself. or a cool thing to give to your close friends thats it.
by Staci December 27, 2003
Fashion statement not not sex symbol who ever started it is a Jack ass because Windham schools in Ohio have now abanded them. thats just retarded
like girls wear short skirts its a fashion state ment for god sakes get over the sex thing.
by Ashley Roosa December 20, 2003
These cheap little bracelets that I call gel bracelets but everyone else calls jelly bracelets that a lot of people wear. I guess a bunch of adults freak out and think that teens are stupid enough to automatically fuck whoever breaks off their bracelet, but seriously, we don't really. We're usually just joking around.

I always hug someone if they break a yellow one, though. I like hugs.

At my school, they mean:

Black or red~ Sex. Anything with a penis and a girl, really.
Green~ Hand job
Blue~ Take it up the ass, ho.
Purple~ Make out
Pink~ French kiss/lap dance
Yellow~ Hug
Clear~ Nothing. It's clear, duh.
Any glitter~ Kinky sex.
Glow in the dark~ Make out or screw in a public place, like a closet. (Which is why they glow.)
Gold~ Guy picks
Silver/Gray~ Girl picks

Also, you can kinda twist them together and it looks really cool. If you twist a red and black one together, it's supposed to mean you're not a virgin anymore, and if you have a clear and a pink one, it means you are a virgin, glow in the dark and any glitter one means your kinky... Stuff like that.

I just like how they look
Me: Uh. Go get me a new one.
Me: Err. No.
Me: ...

Me: I wore my whole collection of jelly bracelets and the guidance counselor asked me if I wanted to talk about something. She was so sure I had an obsession with sex.
by Eli Bear January 23, 2007
aint nobody really do what they mean my god unless your a whore..
boy:hey i just broke ur bracelet
girl:so ur point is
boy:now u have to fuck me
girl:please get a life
girl walks off
by sharon nikole May 12, 2005
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