dude, this game is stupid. Its not like if I give a black bracelet to my boyfriend, and he brakes it, that im going to fuck his brains out anytime soon..... i mean, DAMN! stop trying to take away our fashion statements!

Either way, these bracelets are going to fade out and theres going to be something new in
no example....
by Egg! May 10, 2004
jelly bracelets r tight!! i dont c wut the prob is. if kids wanta b whores let em.. i mean most of us arent gunna do that stuff cuz sumone broke ou bracelet! how lame! imma skater/punk i wear black n blue ..... i juz wear em cuz they r cool not to fuck. if u wear them juz to fuck ur desperate!!
a guy breaks my bracelet ... we joke about it n its over! adults get a life!!!!!!!!
by bri May 28, 2004
a thin rubber bracelet that can come in a variety of colors. some people say that these bracelets have "hidden meanings" for middle and high school students, but i'm in 7th grade, and thats totally bull. my friends and i all wear them, and i didnt een hear the "hidden meaning" mentioned at school until today, and that was a joke. so there are no hidden meanings, and people who come up with that stuff really need to find something to do!
they have no meaning, so GET OVER URSELF!!!!!
by emma January 03, 2005
Dude! If You Fuckin Think That These Jelly Braceletz Are Really "Sex Braceltz" Then Your Pretty Immature! I'm 15 And I Go To Rogerz High School And Yez I Am A Punk/Goth Girl And I Do Wear Those Braceletz And NO They Do Not Stand For Anything Sex Related! They're Just A Fashion Statementz For Us Kidz!
One Day A Kid Came Up To Me And Snapped One Of My Black Braceletz Off And I Slapped Him Across The Face For Him Thinking I Waz Actually Going To Do Something With Him Because Of Those Damned Bracelets! Hey People! Listen To Us Kidz When We Say That They Are Not Sex Related! When Someone Lookz At Us And Givez Us A Dirty Look Because We Wear These Braceletz They Think Us Girlz Are Whorez And Slutz Because All You Immature Fuckz Make Us Look Like Them For Making Up These Stupid Fucking Meaningz For These God Damned Braceletz!!! GROW THE FUCK UP!!! Jeeze!!
by Allison September 06, 2004
dude, the bracelets are a fashion thing, you can play in you wanna but you dont have too... and if you get ti back its void :P
guy- hey i broke your bracelet
me- YOU MUTHER FUCKER YOU BROKE MY BRACELET! -jumps guy steals back bracelet-
guy- WTF?!
me- i win you bastard its void
guy- -grumbles walks off- BITCH!
by mari September 04, 2004
I didnt even know the meaning of them or that they meant anything to do with sex. my girlfriend gave me a black one and a orange one and told me to wear them i didnt think much of it and put it on. then after reading this i know how she meant it as in the sex way. i find it kinda funny people think by tearing it off your going to get what it "means" she tore my black one off and...
my girl *snap* haha theres your black one you owe me something
me: " what's it mean"
my girl: " sex"
me: haha
~ i will add i didn't have sex with her people need to chill out and take a joke its not like teens aren't hearing about sex or anything any other way look whats on tv now.. i mean come on lets kids be kids
by ty August 30, 2004
To me these so called "sex bracelets" are just a fashion right now.What kind of dumb ass would do sexual favors over a bracelet,i have many friends who have tons of them and just think they are cool....My mom thinks all this talk of those so called sex bracelets are a waste of time.....
who ever made that talk about the bracelets up is very loneing and dumb....!!!!!!
by JoAnna August 18, 2004
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