just normal rubber bracelets which i wear as a fashion and with the meaning both.. quiet cool!
red - lap dance
black - a good bang! ;)
blue - oral sex

and so on!!
by evil o February 07, 2004
a thin rubber bracelet that can come in a variety of colors. some people say that these bracelets have "hidden meanings" for middle and high school students, but i'm in 7th grade, and thats totally bull. my friends and i all wear them, and i didnt een hear the "hidden meaning" mentioned at school until today, and that was a joke. so there are no hidden meanings, and people who come up with that stuff really need to find something to do!
they have no meaning, so GET OVER URSELF!!!!!
by emma January 03, 2005
Dude! If You Fuckin Think That These Jelly Braceletz Are Really "Sex Braceltz" Then Your Pretty Immature! I'm 15 And I Go To Rogerz High School And Yez I Am A Punk/Goth Girl And I Do Wear Those Braceletz And NO They Do Not Stand For Anything Sex Related! They're Just A Fashion Statementz For Us Kidz!
One Day A Kid Came Up To Me And Snapped One Of My Black Braceletz Off And I Slapped Him Across The Face For Him Thinking I Waz Actually Going To Do Something With Him Because Of Those Damned Bracelets! Hey People! Listen To Us Kidz When We Say That They Are Not Sex Related! When Someone Lookz At Us And Givez Us A Dirty Look Because We Wear These Braceletz They Think Us Girlz Are Whorez And Slutz Because All You Immature Fuckz Make Us Look Like Them For Making Up These Stupid Fucking Meaningz For These God Damned Braceletz!!! GROW THE FUCK UP!!! Jeeze!!
by Allison September 06, 2004
Okay so yes i do wear these things just because i think they look cool i dont walk around looking for sex. These bacelets are making every teenager in america who wears them look like a whore. These girls or boys that do wear them for some hidden "sexual" meaning must be really desprete or unknowlaedgable seeing as they need a piece of plastic to tell them what to do sex wise with the opisite gender. As a joke i believe it could get a laugh but if you take these things seriosly you really need help.
No i do not have an example but i do believe that the media is turning pieces of plastic into front page stories
by Riss July 07, 2004
I don't know if this is actually correct or not, but this is what they mean at my school:
purple:gay sex
clear: w/e the snapper wants
green: blowjob
yellow: sex toys

like i said, i don't know if that's what it really is or not, but that's just what everyone is saying.
say if a guy snaps your red bracelet, ur supposed to give him a lapdance...(that's what i heard)
by Isabella!! June 05, 2004
Oh my good lord. I am a Sophomore in SoCal and all the people i know have vaguely heard of some sexual meanings realated to these things, but the people that wear them (including me) wear them solely for fashion. Mostly Punk Rock Kids wear them at my school, like i said its a fashion thing. I was shocked to learn that my only 2 bracelets (one black and one green) mean that i want to get laid and have a makeout session w/a stranger. For Christs sake people, bracelets dont determine a kids sex life, i dont honestly think that the banning or allowing of these bracelets will affect either way teen pregnancy or the transmission of STD's or other important things like that....God grownups can be so stupid sometimes......
You just broke one of my 2 bracelets?!? ya, ok, your a cute little hottie, but i'll only do that if you promise to get me a new bracelet......(you should have just asked, then we wouldnt have to go through this bracelet breaking bullshit)
by SoCal PunkRoker May 12, 2004
All they are are bracelets made of jelly material. But Some stupid parents and teachers thought of it for a excuse for all the kids having sex know a days. Bracelet or not there will still be teen sex. Teens are only learning it from t.v. At my CATHOLIC SCHOOL they the guys talk about having sex all the time to act cool but really there too scared and have no idea what it really is.
Teacher: Oh my god kids are wearing blacked striped soxs it must mean they want to do a sex act!!

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