Plastic fashion bracelets that come in a variety of colors. Usually worn by middle school or high school students for their trend.

The sex game 'Snap' is played wearing these bracelets, although this game is used mainly among College students. It is not to be confused that, for example, a junior high student may be willing to perform sex acts just because he/she wears them.
a) "I bought my friend Alice some jelly bracelets for her birthday. They're very trendy you know."
c) "Alex broke one of my green bracelets, so I gave him a hug."
b) "Some pervert broke one of my jelly bracelets because he thought I would have sex with him."
by Cake October 20, 2004
ok so yeah im in middle school and EVERYONE wears sex bracelets.sorry if i just killed like half of the people that said they dont use them for "that kind of" things but the truth is my school friends and i have like a million bracelets and atleast half of them have been ripped off our wrists. the boys that do rip off these bracelets of our wanan go through with it. so who are we to say no ive given many boys blow jobs and hand jobs and done sexual things with them.
yeah it happens i think people should just get over it.
its just sex
boy:you have green jelly bracelets on:]
boy:rips ot off
girl: mmm lets go somewhere private i'll do head
by Jenna Hilderly January 13, 2007
I hate how every1 at school goes around to all the kids n says "oh do u no that black means sex or pink means flashing" ? its like so what go ahead think that but who cares?? i mean some idiot person makes up meanings and posts them some where online n kids go on to that website n now every thinks these bracelets have a meaning. i dont believe in them n i wear almost all the colors and i buy them from the mall n what reallie gets on my nerves is when i buy them them ppl that r at the register go "oh dont let ppl break ur....colored bracelet. i usually just roll my eyes and walk away because they're just acting like total jerks. i mean hello not all of us believe in this stuff so GET OVER IT ALREADY!!! i mean if ur gonna buy colored bracelets hopeing for some1 to just ripe them off so u can do something then y u dont u just ask them???
Heres what they mean to ppl at my school:
Black= Sex
Purple= Make-out
Pink= French kiss or flash
Clear Pink= Girls Choice
Blue= Blow job
Clear Blue= Anal Sex
Green= Oral Sex
Clear Green= Boys Choice
Red= Lap Dance
Orange= Kiss on cheek
Yellow= Hug
Clear Glitter= Breakers Choice
Gold and every other color= All of above
by Star Struck June 27, 2005
lihgt blue wit sparkles means sex in tha water
sex in tha water
by kiki March 31, 2004
sex bracelets are no different to any other bracelet, the only difference is that they break easier. my boyfriend snapped almost all of my bracelets and ties them to his bike! its no big deal! my teachers will take the damn things! its not like the kids are goin to have sex in school. they just wait until after school and go to the park bathrooms!
fucking teachers think they know everything about middle schoolers. we rock!
by hanna July 27, 2004
Bracelets worn by teenagers who are desperate for sexual activity.
Look, if I wear these Jelly Braclets, someone might actually be stupid enough to have sex with me.
by Word of the Day May 28, 2004
This word is bullshit. I wear them because they are cool to wear, not beacause of sex. I could break every one i have and it wouldnt matter.
none none none none
by Steven Giambrone December 03, 2003
omggg like serisouly there juss friggin jelled bracelts not fuckign sex coupons yea we're guna go fuck now cuz somone broke my bracelet THAT EFFING REDICULAS!!!!!!!! think about it i bet NO parent in this world trusts there kid with these bracelets like comon have sum faith
no fucking rediculas comment ! FUCK Jelly bracelets
by MizzZ BiTcH March 16, 2006

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