Bracelets worn by teenagers who are desperate for sexual activity.
Look, if I wear these Jelly Braclets, someone might actually be stupid enough to have sex with me.
by Word of the Day May 28, 2004
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OMG! teachers and parents would u all just stop worring and chill the frick down i mean they r just bracelets and me and my firends r Pissed off cause u wont let us wear tyhem anymore because of the so called SEXUAL TERMS ! i mean there r ppl who wear them 4 that and i no that but sum of us dont and we want to get our bracelets back and start wearing them again ! its all about FASION . say it with me now F.A.S.H.I.O.N.
Hloy crap u broke my green bracelete now i will have to give u head ! YEAH right i mean let us kids do what ever we want with our bracelets !
by Kelly April 21, 2004
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Blue= oral/ blowjob/ head
red = lapdance
yellow= hug/ or kiss mostly hug
white =flash boobies (sometimes = gay kiss, or french kiss)
pink = flashin
hot pink= makeout
clear pink = grl's choice
clear= the breaker's/ snapper's choice
purple= anal(doggy style, or holdin hands)
silver/gray= fistin
green= eat out
orange = kiss
glow in da dark= sex t.

black& red= 69
brown= toss my SALAD
glittery gold= make out
Clear 1s(any color other tahn clear pink)= watever the breaker wants

there are more than that way way way way way way way way way way way way way more than that
those r the meanings DEAL W/ IT....
these r juss a freakin escuse 2 do it and 4 parents 2 blame on doin it... if they pop 1 it juss means they like u or sumthin like that... parents think they know it all..... JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP.... it's the kid's choice they can do it if they please.... ok????

This dude likes me & wants me 2 give him head... so he wants 2 pop ma blue 1.... it'll b so funny when i tell him that it duzn't nessecarily mean i gotta do it :)
by MOItttcrulesMOI July 17, 2004
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Plastic or something bracelets. Made in every fucking color under the sun. Some people (i.e. pervy adults who want to make people they don't like into sluts) say they have all these weird meanings, and if someone breaks one of yours while you're wearing it, you have to do whatever. Worn by scene kids trying to look cool, emos trying to get laid, goths trying to look hxc and punks just because people don't like them. The meanings of the colors are disputed, and the only ones that have the same meaning everywhere are:

Black- sex
Clear- whatever the breaker wants

Of course, this is ridiculous, you do not have to do anything just because some horny asshole breaks your jelly bracelet, other than make them buy you a new one. And you should not stop wearing them just because of what they mean.
Boy breaks Girl's pink jelly bracelet.
Boy: haha, you have to flash me now.
Girl: na-uh, you have to finger me.
Other Person notices, and walk up to them.
Other Person: haha. He broke your pink bracelet, you have to make out with him now.
Girl: ewwwww. No fucking way.
Boy: no! She has to flash me!
Girl: whatev. I don't want your dirty hands on me anyways.
Girl walks away.
Other Person: haha. Stupid loser.

There's also:
Girl with arms covered in jelly bracelets of various colors and Friend are walking down the hall. Friend sees really nerdy/ugly/rude/pre-pubescent Boy walking towards them. Friend calls Boy over and holds girl down.
Friend: quick! Rip off her jelly bracelet! The black one!
Boy: why?
Friend: just do it!
Girl is kicking and screaming.
Boy: um... ok...
Boy rips off a black jelly bracelet. Not-so-much-a Friend lets Girl go. Girl realises he ripped off her bracelet.
Girl: fuck! Why did you do that??
Boy: what?
Friend: you have to have sex with her now!
Boy: ew! No!
Girl slaps Friend and Boy and stomps away.
by Lilli December 18, 2006
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im 12 and here they mean this:if a boy breaks it off the girls wrist depending on the color it stands for a act he wants to do with the girl
here is what jelly bracelets colors mean in my town.:
black=oral sex
purple=anal sex
blue=sex w/out condom or protection
clear=w/ever you want(mostly hug or quick kiss)
gold glitter=make out
red=lap dance or french kiss
yellow(lol my fav!)=hug
blue=blow job
clear w/sparkle=friendship
any other color w/sparkle=normally the breakers pic
by lala_113_lala October 10, 2005
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Well,you can believe what ever you want about the jellys....just b/c someone snaps it of does't mean you have to...nobodys making you believe in them!!
At my highschool we just joke around about it..if someone snaps it of we are all like oh yea we will soooo do that tonight..doesn't mean we are going to.
I wear them all the time, it is just sorta a cool thing now. It is funn to just joke around about it....If someone wants to use the meanings that is there business and you should not critisize them about it. They just wanna have fun.
So about back to the thing about beleiving in them or not....jus b/c little kids were them does not mean that they have to go along with what people think the def. is.....
I don't think that little kids should know about the meanings
my b.f's little sister:
" I have seen those bracelets before, the green one means: outdoor "S"
and the purple one means: anal"
*I tryed not to laugh
Her mom got pissed off...and now they are banned from her school....
by Mickey October 09, 2004
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ok so yeah im in middle school and EVERYONE wears sex bracelets.sorry if i just killed like half of the people that said they dont use them for "that kind of" things but the truth is my school does.my friends and i have like a million bracelets and atleast half of them have been ripped off our wrists. the boys that do rip off these bracelets of our wanan go through with it. so who are we to say no ive given many boys blow jobs and hand jobs and done sexual things with them.
yeah it happens i think people should just get over it.
its just sex
boy:you have green jelly bracelets on:
boy:rips ot off
girl: mmm lets go somewhere private i'll do head
by Jenna Hilderly January 13, 2007
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