a harmless trend given sexual connotation by uninformed sensationalist reporters of the sort that exist symbiotically with the fear-based American Media Monster, and parasitically with the American public.
Mother: John, did you see that story on Fox News last night? They have concrete proof in the form of hearsay and some plastic bracelets that are little 13 year old children are having lots and lots of unprotected sex with numerous partners as we speak!

Father: Also, there could be a terrorist attack at any moment, unless we sell our souls to John Ashcroft and Karl Rove RIGHT NOW!
by Samwizzle Martizzle February 02, 2004
some people do take these things litteraly and some dont i dont but some people at our school do
"they will turn out to be sluts when they grow up wont they"

"probably its not like they are virgins right now"
by hikaru May 19, 2004
Jelly Bracelets are a kewl accesory and they look good with lots of different outfits thats all they are so ppl who dont like that GET OVER YOURSELf we arnt telling you to wear them so just let the fad pass i mean cant u just let 1 fad pass without haveing to ridicule it and try and stop ppl from wearing then god man get over it!
I wear them all the time but ppl dont come over to me at parites and go so what colours have u got broken and i wear black-means nothing pink-means nothing red- means nothing and clear- means nothing i mean not all kids have dirty minds only the ppl who are having such a big probleme with it are the ones thinking like that.
by Lindsey May 11, 2004
The meaning of these Jelly Bracelets mean nothing. All this is about is somebody is really board and needed to come up with something else to do and made up stupid and nasty things about a fashion. The Jelly Bracelets were out when I was in school and that is atleast 15 years ago. It's a fashion. Give this sexual stuff a break. Can't these kids be kids any more without having sex. This is nasty. Give it a break,and let these kids be kids!!
Jelly Bracelets are just that,Jelly Bracelets. They mean nothing. They are a fashion. Somebody was just board and had to start something stupid about them,and of course people believed them and it's stupid. Let these kids be kids and quit making everything so sexual. Let them have fun being kids,they grow up fast enough these days without the help of somebody starting something stupid like this and the real stupid thing is that some parents really believe this. Get a grip. If you raise your child in the way you believe that they should be you should be able to trust them that they won't do something this stupid,even if others think other wise.
by Denise December 20, 2003
Plastic or something bracelets. Made in every fucking color under the sun. Some people (i.e. pervy adults who want to make people they don't like into sluts) say they have all these weird meanings, and if someone breaks one of yours while you're wearing it, you have to do whatever. Worn by scene kids trying to look cool, emos trying to get laid, goths trying to look hxc and punks just because people don't like them. The meanings of the colors are disputed, and the only ones that have the same meaning everywhere are:

Black- sex
Clear- whatever the breaker wants

Of course, this is ridiculous, you do not have to do anything just because some horny asshole breaks your jelly bracelet, other than make them buy you a new one. And you should not stop wearing them just because of what they mean.
Boy breaks Girl's pink jelly bracelet.
Boy: haha, you have to flash me now.
Girl: na-uh, you have to finger me.
Other Person notices, and walk up to them.
Other Person: haha. He broke your pink bracelet, you have to make out with him now.
Girl: ewwwww. No fucking way.
Boy: no! She has to flash me!
Girl: whatev. I don't want your dirty hands on me anyways.
Girl walks away.
Other Person: haha. Stupid loser.

There's also:
Girl with arms covered in jelly bracelets of various colors and Friend are walking down the hall. Friend sees really nerdy/ugly/rude/pre-pubescent Boy walking towards them. Friend calls Boy over and holds girl down.
Friend: quick! Rip off her jelly bracelet! The black one!
Boy: why?
Friend: just do it!
Girl is kicking and screaming.
Boy: um... ok...
Boy rips off a black jelly bracelet. Not-so-much-a Friend lets Girl go. Girl realises he ripped off her bracelet.
Girl: fuck! Why did you do that??
Boy: what?
Friend: you have to have sex with her now!
Boy: ew! No!
Girl slaps Friend and Boy and stomps away.
by Lilli December 18, 2006
I myself am a 'punk' and I wear them,I myself am about 14,The reason i'm writing this is because it all started when I was listening to a local radio station was talking about how they might be ban in my school.I think these braclets mean nothing.I mean,at the moment i'm wearing red,orange yellow,blue,white,orange and a purple one.
Kids in my school used to wear them 'cause they where cool but recently i've seen less and less wear them,come to think of it I think i'm the only person in school to wear these now.I wanted to look up the meanings to these braclets so I know what they mean,not like I care.I think they're just fun,I mean half the kids that do play this whole sex bracelet game do even do half the stuff it says they'll do.I mean for christs; sake people thay're just lil' bracelets!I mean i'm catholic and I wear them in church!
by Punkster August 10, 2005
here's what they mean where im from

purple-anal sex
red-lap dance(extreme breaking means aral to a girl
blue- BJ
white-flashing your tits
glittery yellow-hug and kissing
clear-whatever snapper wants
green-outdoor sex/hugs
glow in the dark-using sex toys
gold glittery-makeout

they all have a meaning, but i dont care for them. i let my friend snap one off me and we just laughed about it. its not like your going to hell for not fucking eachothers brains out
look around bitch, there is broken black bracelets everywhere! well did somebody screw where you're standing? if u had to follow what happend i wouldve lost my virginity and screw 2 ppl today!
by Alex April 15, 2004
OK i love jelly braclets! this is what some of them means at my skool.
brown oral sex
black the full montiy
blue makeout
purple hug and kiss
everyone in my school is trading these jelly braclets at school i think they are awesome! Lucky for me no boys snapped my braclets yet!
by Nikki February 28, 2004

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