a harmless trend given sexual connotation by uninformed sensationalist reporters of the sort that exist symbiotically with the fear-based American Media Monster, and parasitically with the American public.
Mother: John, did you see that story on Fox News last night? They have concrete proof in the form of hearsay and some plastic bracelets that are little 13 year old children are having lots and lots of unprotected sex with numerous partners as we speak!

Father: Also, there could be a terrorist attack at any moment, unless we sell our souls to John Ashcroft and Karl Rove RIGHT NOW!
by Samwizzle Martizzle February 02, 2004
ok the whole "game behind these bracelets, IS REALLY FUCKED OVER!!!< they just banned them at my school, and yea im pissed.. i wore them for fashion and so did all the other ppl that wore them, adults just might just have a dick up their asses NOT US!! i mean if i even wanted to have sex i would tell him/her not break their bracelets that cost them money, its fucking pathetic and pointless they would probably say no if i did break the bracelet cause they arent into it and if someone is! U R SICK FUCKS!!! GO AWAY! and ooo! my mom is gonna make me go to a psychiatrist cuz i dont listen to the school and wear my bracelets anyway under my sweatshirt so noone can see or break them anyway!!
*random person breaks angy's bracelet*
wats this mean?
*angy slaps person*
it means get off ur pathetic ass go ask someone and mayby ull get fucked! and also buy me a new fucking bracelets u bitch!!
by Angy September 15, 2004
yea ok i ahgve work these braclets ever since i was in 6th grade and i am now in 11th! i don't care what the meanings are me and my friends break mine all the time b/c i have about 1000 and we joke about it's so gay! you peeps that think it's all sexual need to get a life! dude you are makin it bad for us kids/teens!
back of an leav it alone!
by foxxy61485 August 16, 2004
you know what jelly bracelets mean where i'm from?

whoever the whore is that made this is should die. i've been asked a trillion times if the ones i wear mean anything and blah blah blah. no. they're bracelets. i like em. they're nifty. so whoever thinks they mean something should go... fuck a moose.
maybe the person was really ugly and jus wanted sex so they made up this stupid so called game...
by jessica July 12, 2004
I was waring these things (the originals) when I was younger, and they ment nothing, and reading threw what everyone is saying here they still mean nothing. No one has a set of rules for these things. All these kids need to find a safer hobbie than sex!
I still have mine from the 80s, and just won't were them till this silly thing blows over.
by radars mom June 06, 2004
this is what ours stands for (i'm not sure of all but i'll guess at some)
orange(peachy):lap dance
i'm not sure about others
they wear them mostly for fashion they won't ever do the thing at school!
by Kati May 26, 2004
I think Jelly braceletes are just something fun to wear around i mean there very stylish at my school everybodys wearin them. It sux that everybody has to make such a big deal of things well im not going to stop wering my jellies!!!!!
this is wat they mean at my skool
red-lap dance
orange-hand job
yellow sparkles-kiss and hug
green-kiss/outdoor sex
blue-blow job
by Jessy April 21, 2004
they are the best i luv em i allwayz snap a black one then i have a GOOD time don`t u??????!!!! i luv jelli`s so get over it
shut the fuck up
by alex March 26, 2004

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