a harmless trend given sexual connotation by uninformed sensationalist reporters of the sort that exist symbiotically with the fear-based American Media Monster, and parasitically with the American public.
Mother: John, did you see that story on Fox News last night? They have concrete proof in the form of hearsay and some plastic bracelets that are little 13 year old children are having lots and lots of unprotected sex with numerous partners as we speak!

Father: Also, there could be a terrorist attack at any moment, unless we sell our souls to John Ashcroft and Karl Rove RIGHT NOW!
by Samwizzle Martizzle February 02, 2004
Where I come from jelly bracelets are sometimes worn for fashion and other times worn for they're meanings. I think that soon the faze of these bracelets will pass and something new will come in.
Red:lap dance
black:full monty
blue:oral sex
white:flash your tits
by Sophie March 05, 2004
This is really dumb!!!We wear them for fashion, not some STUPID SEX GAME.And ppl who do are sex addicte and whores. 5 yr olds aren't looking for sex, and neither are most of the people who wear them. In Wakulla County and Tallahassee they are called Break-Me Bracelets.
Hey thats a kewl Break-Me Bracelet, I want one!!!
by JYNN February 17, 2004
jellie bracelets do not mean anything i just wear them because they are fashionable and fun to play with.
twist them tie them in nots link em and play with em in class when bored but dont get in trouble!!!
by angelica & shasta January 18, 2004
they ALL mean something. heres what they mean at my school
black-go all the way
green-sex toys
my guy friend tried to snap a black one off of me and my friend but we dont were black anymore.
by nikkii January 11, 2004
Jelly bracelets are nothing more then bracelets to be worn as a FASHION statement...These bracelets are as old as I am....It's not like they just came out with them & they meant nothing then as they mean NOTHING now...Whomever wears these bracelets with anyother meaning behind them are nothing more then sick minded individuals that need help!!!!!
As teens, we were one of the 1st generations to wear these bracelets....They mean nothing harmful...Never have.....Never will!!
by A VERY OUTRAGED MOTHER! January 10, 2004
Well, at my school, if you give a jelly bracelet to a boyfriend/girlfriend and he/she breaks it, you have to have sex. It's very entertaining when you're bored..*cough*
There is no example here except that I gave one to a friend, not thinking anything of it, and he brakes it. Imagine what happened later that night...
by Rachel December 23, 2003
I've never even heard of people using them as 'sex' bracelets. I've heard them called it before but never actually used. Most people just use them as friendship bracelets or an acessory..
I wear two linked together everyday...normally black or red. This doesn't mean ANYTHING to me. I mean sometimes my friends and I will be stupid adn break each others...but we don't use it as more than a friendship thing..tying a knot in it for each person to help snap it making a wish as you knot it. It's stupid whoever is using them for sex.
by Brit December 23, 2003
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