a harmless trend given sexual connotation by uninformed sensationalist reporters of the sort that exist symbiotically with the fear-based American Media Monster, and parasitically with the American public.
Mother: John, did you see that story on Fox News last night? They have concrete proof in the form of hearsay and some plastic bracelets that are little 13 year old children are having lots and lots of unprotected sex with numerous partners as we speak!

Father: Also, there could be a terrorist attack at any moment, unless we sell our souls to John Ashcroft and Karl Rove RIGHT NOW!
by Samwizzle Martizzle February 02, 2004
At our school they mean:

green-give head
red-lap dance
grey(silver)-hand job
purple-outdoor sex
clear-whatever breaker wants
glow in the dark-use sex toys
You all need to shut the HELL up because these braclets really have no meaning its just some perverted meaning that adults thought up and intend to blame us for it, I am just fine wearing my bracelets that fact that it pisses teachers off is just an added bonus!
by Heather March 23, 2004
"Jelly Bracelet" is just another name for "sex coupon". They came in style in the 80's and faded until about 3 years ago. They have certain meanings though...

Black~ Sex with condom
Red~Sex without condom
Light Blue~ Hand-job
Indigo~ Hand-job with blowjob
Blue~ Blowjob
Pink~It either means french kiss or cunnilingus.
Yellow~ Big bear hug
Orange~ petting
Purple~Full-fledged make-out session
Clear~ Wild-card
Clear with glitter~ Also wildcard
Gold~ Anal
Clear Gold with glitter~fingering
Clear blue~All of everything
Clear Pink~ Its the girls choice.
Clear Green~ All Anal
Glow in the dark pink~ female sex toys
Glow in the dark blue~ boy sex toys
Glow in the dark green or yellow~ Sex with porn.

That is the whole index... Don't try these at home (If your parents are around)
My girlfriend broke a yellow one off me, so I hugged her.. (cute)
by Sarah April 24, 2004
Some people say these bracelets mean everything people say they mean and other people say they're mearly fashionable. Me, on the other hand, i think both ways. I started wearing them as a fashion but my boyfriend (and only my boyfriend) started breaking them off. I still wear them as a fashion. I'm not looking for anyone to break off afew black ones so we can fuck it up all night long or anything. I just sometimes do the hugs or kisses with my boyfriend. But what I'm saying is, it's all a matter of opinion. Those who want to wear those bracelets just to have a one-nighter with some hot dude can do that. And anyone who wears them as fashion can do that to. They only mean what you make them mean!
heres what some mean where i come from-
red: lapdace
blue: oral sex
purple: kissing(extreme breaking means anal)
yellow sparkle: hug & kiss
gold sparkle: makeout
black: all the way home
clear: whatever breaker wants
yellow: hug
orange: kissing
white: flashing chest
by allison hunt November 30, 2003
In my area, the bracelets have no meaning; they are meerly fashionable. They don't dent like regualr bracelets, and they're cheaper too. A few days ago I heard about that meaning for the first and I am in high school. I wear tons of these bracelets just because I like them. They are fun to play with and twist around when I get bored in class. It's the equivalent of bringing thread with you to class to make weird knots when you're bored.
A few of my friends and I are total prudes. We do nothing sexual. No kissing or anything; I never even hugged a kid until this sumer and that was a good-bye to a friend of the family.
by macO November 14, 2003
it's sumdang that's just a fashion statement it will soon a later go away and come back until then fuck u parents
ya'll r really dumb if u thinx we will do sumdang and if ur child is doin sumdang she/he were probably doin this before these bracelts came out so get ur mind rite i mean i'm 16 and i'm still a virgin.and will still be 1 until i find da 1.b/c like the sayin goes mama didn't raise no fool!!!!!!.
blue-makein out/oral sex/kiss
green-outdoor sex/huge/makein out/oral sex/kiss on cheek
purple-kiss/oralsex/anal/outdoor sex/
glow in the dark-sex toyz
red-lap dance/french kiss/oral sex
clear-whatever the snapper wants/kiss
pink-eat out/flash/makek out/kiss
white-flash chest/or 2 snapper
gold sparkle-make out
any glitter-what da grl wants(not boy)
ligth blue-anal/masturbate
gold-all above
light green-oral sex
light pink-huge/kiss
brown-toss my salad
glittery yellow-hug/kiss
glittery gold-make out
baby blue-what ever da grl want(not boy)
glittery green-69
yellow sparkle-hug/kiss
glow in da dark pink-grl toyz
glow in da dark blue-boy toyz

that's that u need 2 no i clear up every thing 4 everybody.soooo parents if u don't like u can get a bracelts that does mean n-e-thing bad and i guess i helped everybody sooo c-ya.i'm out this bitch.
p.s.my grandma is cool wit them.so if a grandma is cool with them then u sould 2 bye and God bless u and who every i help today.
by chu,chu August 22, 2004
Hey. I think that jelly bracelets are awesome. I hate to think that out society has came down to this. I mean come on. Little 6 and 7 year old girls wear them to play dress up not to have sex. So people think that older kids who wear them, have sex and play the game. So what do u think about little kids wearing them? ITs all a bunch of bullshit. Everyone needs to shut the hell up about it and get over it. People can bitch and bitch about them and kids are still gonna wear them like me. i wear so many its unreal but i dont play the game. All it is, is people expressing themselves. Aint it better than the youth gettin tatooes? Think bout it.
La la la. im gonna hve sex 2night bcuz some1 broke mah bracelet. GET REAL!!!!
by sara January 12, 2004
jelly braclets are fashionable thats it. And i know even if they are sex related i dont ever have to relate to what it means if i dont want to. I have my rights to remain the way i am no pressure to get it on. Its kind of a symbol for punks or skaters i guess
"yo man i love those braclets they fit your style"
by sam July 21, 2004
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