Get a fucking life. the people that actually practice this bullshit never get laid
People that wear jelly bracelets need to get a fucking life
by dieselaj February 04, 2005
this is so stupid like people really follow what the bracelets mean. even if one is snapped people don't go through with it!!
I am in 9th grade and at my skewl thi is what they mean...

black~all the way
blue~blow job
Green~outdoor sex
clear~whatever the snapper wants
red~lap dance
purple~anal sex
white~recite (meaning you have to no matter what)
gold glitter~make out
glittery green~69
glittery purple~anal
by lily May 17, 2004
Come on people get over it already, do u really think kids and teens r having sex just because someone fucking snaps their bracelet? don't think so, teens just wear them 2 be cool. it's not the havin' sex or anything it is the fun of it because everyone thinks ur doin' it with someone. but u know ur not!!!!
" Hey, I just fuckin' snapped ur bracelet ur supposed 2 fuck me right here in the hallway!" NOT!!!!
by Haylee Clute May 01, 2004
Jelly Bracelets are teenagers outlet to sexual frustrations and sickness. They have several meanings and some don't have meanings yet. Kids in my area make a vow to go by the bracelets when worn during school, or even just a normal outting. It's against ones will, to do something with someone they don't know, who snaps the bracelets. To some people they are just bracelets, but not in my area.
*Orange-kiss or outdoor sex
*Purple-kiss/anal sex/hug/oral sex/handjob
*Red-lapdance/fingering/oral sex(on a girl)/kiss
*Green-oral sex/make-out/hug/outdoor sex
*Clear-whatever the person who snapped it off wants
*Blue-oral sex/kiss
*Black-missionary sex/strip
*White-flash who snapped it off
*Glittery yellow-hugging & kissing
*Brown-toss my salad
*Glow-in-the-dark-use sex toys
*Pink-flash someone/make-out/kiss
*Glittery gold-make-out
by Nikki February 24, 2004
black-eating the female or train
green-outdoor sex or sex in the kitchen.
blue-cyber sex
light blue-blowjob with handle bars
pink-hickey on the ass
orange-sex with orange flavored condom
red-becomes a whore for someone
navy blue-indoor sex
brown-anal sex or doggie style
grey-sex on a trampoline
clear-good for one good orgasm
yellow-one night stand
white-blue balls on a rock
gold-pussy eating competition
silver-dick sucking contest
clear gold-toss my salad
clear green-69 or sex in the library
clear pink-sex with a older person
glow in the darks-hot and steamy sex in the dark
lime green- threesome or foursome etc.
any other color- all the above.
A guy walks in sees a gurl in the library with a clear green braclet. He breaks it.She jumps on him and they have sex.
the end
by Heather, Kim, Steven,Danny February 11, 2005
Some middle school crap trend that kids made up so they could get laid.
Stupid middleschool girl: 0mgawdz he snapped my black jelly bracelet!!!11 I guess we haveta go fuck now. =(
by easilyamused October 05, 2004
The people I know just wear these bracelets as what they are...jewlery...with NO sexual meaning behind them at all! Infact, I don't think most of us at my school even knew that there was a sexual meaning to them until an article came out in the newspaper! The teachers started going psycho and banned them from the middle schools, and I guess they were banned at the high school too, but people still wear them. My friends and I just joke around about the sexual link to the bracelets, because we think it's funny as hell!
One of my friends had some grey jelly bracelets, and when her mom found out about the whole sex game behind them, she told her to take them off. My friend said no, and they fought over them and both her and her mom broke them off her wrist. Last I heard, grey meant fisting.
by I AM IRON (wo)MAN!!...Ozzy July 29, 2004
Okay, everybody listen... (or read). I was severely offended when some girl said "I'm sry i will not stop wearing those colorful bracelets just because some immature kids are being perverted."

We the "immature kids" are not being perverted. It's the parents and the media. Who the fuck wheres them for sex!!! I'm in 8th grade and once everyone heard about the "fad" on tv we started wearing them just to piss the teachers off. I have 50 purples (that mean anal) and have I ever given a guy anal, no of course not.. my friends where's black, does she have sex with any guy that wants to... NO!! and any of you other people that want to say that the kids started this because we want to have sex, can go shove the bracelets up their ass!!!
oh and I won't stop wearing them just because some perverted adults want to think that we want to give guys bolw jobs or something, what else are they going to ban from school... (oh no hair ties mean you want to have sex, we have to confiscate them all)
by Mallorie December 22, 2003
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