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A Masturbating device created by cutting a hole in your mattress and filling it with the jelly of your choice and then masturbating with it (for best results use grape jelly)
Dude I made a Jelly Hole last night and masturbated til like three in the morning.
by Weasel0317 February 12, 2012
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A shawtay's vagina. The breadbasket.
'Show me your jelly hole, shawtay"

as used in the song
by Thang City & the Liquid Flow
by ThangCity69 July 08, 2010
A vagina. Can also be used in a derogatory sense to describe a man's anus with the implication that his anus is a mangina for other men's pleasure.
Sally has a much tighter jellyhole than your sister.

I told Neil to make sure he doesn't forget to lube up his jellyhole before he asks Bob for a raise.
by S Bishop July 08, 2006

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