A small Jelly like braclet that was a fad in the 80's. untill about 4 years ago they were out of style and harmless now a days us kids get punished for wearing them because some skank made up some sexual shit for them to keep all her STD filled guys in order! Then she was stupid enough to tell an adult and the adult told the news crews and they made this whole big deal that we are all haveing sex because of them. P.S im wearing some right now! so Bite me and if you break mine I'll give you a hand job all right ill rip off your testicles! YEAH!!!

You just broke my Jelly Braclet lets have sex.
by Smgrl171 July 25, 2006
Top Definition
A bracelet that can be worn around wrists, ankles or another part of the body. Mainly, girls wore them because it was "fashionable" at the time.

But there is also a game that came with it. The game is called "snaps". Different coloured bracelets meant a different sexual activity;

Yellow - indicates the wearer is willing to HUG
Pink - indicates the wearer is willing to give a hickey
Orange - indicates the wearer is willing to KISS
Purple - indicates the wearer is willing to kiss a partner of either sex
Red - indicates the wearer is willing to perform a LAP DANCE
Green - indicates that ORAL SEX can be performed on a girl
Clear - indicates a willingness to do "whatever the snapper wants"
Blue - indicates ORAL SEX performed on a guy
Black - indicates that the wearer will have regular "missionary" sex
White - indicates the wearer will "FLASH" what they have
Glittery Yellow - indicates HUGGING and KISSING is acceptable
Glittery Pink - willing to "flash" a body part
Glittery Purple - wearer is willing to French kiss
Glittery Blue - wearer is willing to perform anal sex
Glittery Green - indicates that the wearer is willing to "69"
Glittery Clear - indicates that the wearer will let the snappee "feel up" or touch any body part they want

Parents along with teachers and almost all other adults flipped out when they heard about "snaps" and automaticly thought anyone wearing these bracelets were huge sluts, and were fucking people everywhere. Banning the bracelets from many schools.
Tanya; "mom, I just think they're cool to wear. I'm not playing the game.
Tanya; "You're over reacting.. nobody plays the --
by taylorissofreakincool June 23, 2006
all that Jelly Braclets r at my skool is a way to TRY and get booty from grls! it doesnt really work but we still play n e wayz and we only do easy things!
Hott Guy:*excited voice* oh look i broke ur jelly braclets!!!!
Chick:*sarcastic* oh cool u broke the ORANGE braclet!
Hott Guy:*confused and willing* wut does that mean????
Chick: all we have to do is kiss u perv!
by cw_hottie December 21, 2005
its like you buy these colored braclets from a store and you follow what they mean...when someone snaps them...like black=sex, red= lap dance etc...
so i had this black braclet on and my boyfriend broke it..oooo baby, sex is gooood!!!!
by nikky May 07, 2005
These ar braclets where you pull one off the oppsite sex and do something freaky wit dem
One time a nigga pulled my braclet and at was da funiest day of my life. I fucked him backward and sucked his dick. Next thing you know it was tea baggin all da way. And I LOVE IT. I think you should buy the braclets wear them and then do what they mean. Trust me you will have fun i sure did.
by Apple Bottom005 4lyfe January 12, 2005
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