Parents think we shouldn't be able to wear them to school...they are wrong because they mean different thinks at school rather than out in the world besides if we want to wear them let us...because some of us hate how you make us take them off when we go to school...well, not me...I am going to wear them to school whether you let me or not...

This is what they mean to us kids these days at school:
Black- Goth/punk
Purple- virgin
Red- single
Blue- bad girl
Yellow- kiss
Orange- make out
Green- hug
Pink- no meaning
White- flash
Clear- no meaning
This girl at my school is goth/punk and so she wears all black every day of her life. So one day she decides to walks by me. When she does walk by me, she is wearing about thirty jelly bracelets. They are black ones and so they mean that she is a goth/punk which she already is.
by nina January 01, 2005
I dont really know why there is so much talk about these damn braclets...I really dont think that people are actually fucking because someone broke there "black braclet...well at least I didn't." Come on people get over it. My 4 year old sister has a pink one that i gave her. I really dont think that someone is going ot brake it and expect her do do something with them "and if they do I will kill them." The first one that I ever had was a black one and my dad saw it he told me that "he knew what it meant and he really didnt want me to waer it." I didnt even know what it meant "whatever." Whoever made up the "snap" game I would like to thank you because everytime some stupid horney little boy brakes my braclets...I get the chance to beat the hell out of him and tell him that he better buy me a new one or I will beat the hell out of him again. They're just braclets...I dont think that people are actually doing what they mean and if they are then they are prolly just horney and enjoy the attention. It is a "fad" it will pass and something else will take its place and then they will be trying to ban that from every school too.
boy~haha I broke your "black bracklet" now we have to fuck
~snap, crakel, pop~
boy~ouch "F@*^"
me~haha I broke you hand... now you need to get me a new braclet... oh yea don't f@7*ing mess with my braclets again....or I will brake the other hand
boy~alrigth alright...!...
by Tori July 16, 2004
pink-body shots
burgandy-free feel
the breaker has to get a body shot from the owner

the breaker gets to feel what anywhere
by semone May 19, 2004
OMG! teachers and parents would u all just stop worring and chill the frick down i mean they r just bracelets and me and my firends r Pissed off cause u wont let us wear tyhem anymore because of the so called SEXUAL TERMS ! i mean there r ppl who wear them 4 that and i no that but sum of us dont and we want to get our bracelets back and start wearing them again ! its all about FASION . say it with me now F.A.S.H.I.O.N.
Hloy crap u broke my green bracelete now i will have to give u head ! YEAH right i mean let us kids do what ever we want with our bracelets !
by Kelly April 21, 2004
These are so stupid i dont understand y ppl think they are tru cuz now girlz are afraid 2 wear them cuz of sick stupid boiz. Until a lady came and talked about them to mi class no1 had any idea that they were even sex related now ppl make up definitions 4 colors 2 scare the guelz who wear 'em they are so0o0o0o0 stupid
i cant even wear them without being made fun of then their just a waste of money
by i cant tell u December 17, 2003
At our school they mean:

Black- sex
Blue- finger
Red- blowjob/handjob
Pink- kiss
Yellow- 69
Orange- eat out
Clear- snappers choice
White- anal
Green- horny
Purple- oral
If I guys snap the pink one off of a girl, they would have to kiss.
by KC February 29, 2004
Jelly Bracelets to me Mean Pretty much nothing i Mean the Game sounds pretty kool and All But.. I wear them because i like them.. As far as this hole thing about. The Media and shit of course it was.. I NEVER Heard of these bracelets untill one day i seen them on Dr. Phil I was flicking threw the channels and seen the same braceletes i had on my wrist I was like WTF!! Personally.. I think its stupid.. The School and Places are baning them.. I honestly.. do!!
Just because I wear Orange,Blue,Black,Purple Doesnt mean Im going to go have sex,kiss,Oral Sex with a total Stranger.. Think about it ppl.. its like me saying.. Ya those Shoes everbody are wearing are a sex Sybmole Because you have Red Laces your gonna have to give sumbody a lap dance... Geez..
by Monica January 09, 2004
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