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(v.) To force jello through your teeth onto your chin. Most commonly used as an expression of sexual attraction and as a form of foreplay.
Comes from the fact that jello is simply a sexy food. Also reminiscent of bodily fluids exchanged during sexual intercourse.
"Mary, I find you irresistible! Let's jello!"

"Man, those two are all over each other! They were even jelloing in Starbucks the other day!"

"Yeah, and then we jelloed! You can bet it was the best sex we ever had!"
by Lord of Ladies September 15, 2011
The act of making a gelatin snack jiggle.
"I'm jell-oing my Jell-o."
by Lea Anderson September 20, 2006
running to make your boobs shake and guys stare.
Emily hated jelloing down the track while all the guys drooled.
by sally a August 31, 2005
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