Nickname for Jennifer Lopez's ass, becomes a nickname for Jennifer Lopez herself. Bastardization of J-Lo.
I watched The Cell last night.
Yeah, who's in that movie?
Jello is.
by pacofajita March 07, 2004
a word standing for totally sweet, awesome, nasty, hot, super, etc. Scott is the king of jello and defines it however he wants. Emily is Queen and has no control over the word.
Scott is more jello than Emily
by shaft February 19, 2005
code name for weed so you can talk about it in front of your parents
are we gonna do some jello tonight?
by Kinky Kat January 11, 2005
Steve Macdonald - One who is afraid of girls has a hole in his lung and insists upon going camping with diddick and flea yet never goes.
Go talk to that chick b'y don't be a jello
by Karl Haddad May 02, 2005
another word for mark ass busta or someone who is soft and is a punk
you know that nigga brandon savoy well thats a jello ass nigga
by martel spears January 01, 2005
A nickname you give to an attractive female
Danielle is a jello fo sho!
by pete November 21, 2004
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