Abbreviation for jealous. Can also be used in reference to haters and the like. Coined by Megan Fox in the movie Jennifer's Body (2009)
You are. You're so jell-o that you're lime-green jello and you don't even know it.
by Bobby Big-Oil Ghazi March 04, 2010
A game that is played in a moving automobile or vehicle, such as a car or bus, with 3 or more people sitting in the same row. As the automobile comes up to a turn, the person at the end of the row opposite of that turn uses all of his or her strength to force the person on the other side either into the window or out of the seat. The game continues until the destination is reached.
"Yesterday on the bus, I slammed Mary into the bus window in an intense game of Jello."
by C Dog ZIZ February 12, 2007
ass, usually that of a female. Booty.
Mommy, hello. Make it wiggle like Jello.-The Pack
by J-Mice December 08, 2007
The crunkest song ever made. A song composed by kids at the Louisiana School of Math, Science and the Arts. Basically a bunch of geniuses rapping. B-Unit composed this, and it consits of Ganja, T-Money, Cold Wrappa, Rhett, Julio, and Skittles.
Man you checked out Ruskebusiness's myspace(B-Unit). That jello song is crunk!
by RUske Business June 11, 2006
One of the most interesting science topics in the world. As Mr. Merritt taught us, it is an amorphous solid and we can talk about jello for weeks because there is always more room for jello. Although jello is loved by many, it is also hated by others. Jello is fatty and sugary and goes straight to your thighs. Just ask Miss Horn. She says jello is the source of all evil.
While Mr Merritt say there is always room for jello, Miss Horn has no room left for it in her thunder thighs.
by Queen Laggitta January 21, 2006
a person who is known to break girls hearts and do it continuously; also known for cheating on girlfriend with girlfriends bestfriend!
jello just broke my heart
by melindam94 June 11, 2008
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