the act of being insanely envious of a gangster; someone who is too lazy to spell jealous
Wow, you just met Orlando Bloom...I am SOO jello!
by gangstergirl17 September 06, 2010
A message that is both excessively cross-posted (ECP) and too frequently posted. (Compare with spam and velveeta)
This is the tenth time this jello has appeared this week in the usenet!
by urania3 June 19, 2007
Short for the word jealous; used to describe haters, fausby straight ass niggas, etc.
Ya'll jealous ass bitches, I'ma call you some jello niggas.
DJ Paul, KOM
by TrapStar October 15, 2005
It is a variation of the greeting "Hello", used as an openeing to someone you are sexually interested in.
"Jello, what's your sign"
by Hammer December 24, 2002
Hot, attractive, good looking male, boyfriend, husband, etc.
That bitch better not be all up in my jello.
by hotfudgesundae12 May 15, 2006
female homosexual sex (euphemistic)
So, what do you lesbians do for sex? I'm picturing making jello.
Yes, that's exactly right.
by jellomaker April 08, 2006
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