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A mop-headed child from the 70's that gives pointless strategic advice.
When planning a game of 'chicken' across a railway track,
Child one "Zig Zag all the way across"
Child two "That a terrible idea! Your like a Jellian!"
by MarcZero February 07, 2011
Fact : 'Jellian' can be spelled as 'Jelliane' although 'Jelliane' is not in the urban dictionary . Jellian's are very beautiful . Stunning smile, with breath taking eyes. Very cute laugh, is an amazing person who is so funny and adorable. She is an awesome friend, and an amazingly perfect girlfriend .
Boy1: Damn That girl is hot

Boy2 : She must be a Jellian
by UnusualUnicorn October 25, 2014
Really skinny girl who eats a lot, probably has tapeworms. Asian. Has hair like a lion, and swims fast. Sometimes a bit bitchy, but overall very funny. Generally sucks at Japanese.
That girl is such a Jellian. Look at that F on her Japanese final.
by ZettaiYurusenai December 01, 2010
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