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The cancer of the Belieber and Selenator fanbase.
Normal person: Ugh, can't Jelena just break up already? No-one likes them together anymore.
by Voldemario August 14, 2014
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's undying love exoh.
Jelena fan: 0MG U GuyYzZ, Juustin and Selena totally equals JELENA! XXXXXXXX
by Omgitotezlovejelenaexoh June 02, 2011
The couple/ship name for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Aka something that all Beliebers hate because it involves the beautiful Selena Gomez whom they happen to be very jealous about.
Belieber 1: "OMFG did you see that picture Juju posted of him and Slutena like wtf is he testing us?!?!111?!"

Belieber 2: "Oh the Jelena one. Yeah I saw that. He's so testing us to see what we'll do"
by lovewillrememberjelena July 09, 2013
Justin Bieber+Selena Gomez= Jelena
take out the s from selena and replace it with j from justin and you have jelena :O
edward: omg i think jelena is SUCH a cute couple!

jacob: omgz i know right?!

bella: ...fuck you both im going lesbo
by pedobear123456789ssf July 08, 2011
comes from balkan people..!!! is a dog like animal... cute nose and fury hair... will always support the friends ...u no who u r
dog smile dog, sad, dog, supportive dog
by jelena April 20, 2005
The biggest cow you'd ever meet. Has a tendancy to be stuck on issues for years to come. Is a very hated person in the social world, but in her own world, is the top dog. the onyl truth in this, is yes, she is a dog.
'Ew you're so Jelena, do me a favour and stop breathing.'
by coocoocachoo March 29, 2005