I see there is someone stating that the Jehovah Witnesses don't accept blood transfusions and that nowhere in the bible does it say anything about blood. Well I strongly disagree, I can tell you it is very clear Act 15:20 KJV "But what we write unto them, that they abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication and from things strangled(or killed without draining their blood) and from Blood."
Most people think a child died because the parents are Jehovah witnesses and they don't accept blood but didn't you think maybe the child died from complications and because they don't accept transfusions the child died from a complication.
Also look in to acts 2 15:28-29. "Jehovah Witness actually receive better medical treatment because they don't accept blood" (American Journal of Obstetrics and gynecology 1968).
All surguries including open heart surgery, brain surgury you name it. The army is actually now using the methods Witnesses have been using for years because there blood supply is down.
I'm so glad people don't know what they are talking about that they convince themselves that they know everything. Don't claim to know what the bible says or doesn't say if you have never read it. I will always quote from the King James Version, which is what is normally used in most christain churches. I am not a Jehovah Witness but I have studied with them and they are wonderful people and they don't just make up crazy things from no where their beliefs come staight from the bible. While everyone who is not a witness is reading this consider one thing where in the bible does it tell you that you are going to heaven if you are good? Good luck (just a hint it isn't in there I've studied the entire bible)
by j2k January 01, 2005
The people that make you go through the trouble of buying a "no solicitors" sign.
The other day I saw a Jehovah's Witness walking door to door down our street, luckily I just bought a "no solicitors" sign.
by AlexChan11 December 18, 2010
A group of people that study the bible. Not to be mistaken for a cult because they have the choice to leave whenever they want to. They make a habit of spending at least an hour every week going door to door and preaching. There prophesying may have been wrong in the past but they are genuinely nice people. They were also persecuted during the holocaust along with the Jews and Roma. They do in fact encourage their members to pursue post secondary education. Their people make the best husbands and wives out there.
'Yo guy, just talked to a jehovahs witness for kicks'


' No reason. He was surprisingly nice.'
by Scaramouch October 26, 2011
Similar to Mormons, but dumb as a post.
The Jehovah's Witness could not respond to any of my questions unless it was covered in his telemarketer's manual "Reasoning from the Scriptures".
by TheOmicron January 11, 2010
They basically solicit their faith. Such a sad religion, not believing in birthdays and all. Once you open the door to hear why your going to hell in 2671979936543 different ways, they won't stop. Try to shut the door, they'll hold it open with the convenient Holy Bible door stop.
"Hello, would you like to hear how your going to hell? Also, please read this pamphlet intitled: "101 Reasons Why Your Wrong."

"No thanks." *attempts to shut door*

"Wait!" *wedges bible between door* Please just read this!"

*Jehovah's Witness comes back during inconvenient times*
by AmaranthineFog June 16, 2015
A Jehovah's Witness is a Christian. It is a type of religion. They believe in God, and Jesus. They also believe God has a name: Jehovah. That's where the name Jehovah's Witness comes from.

For more information, visit their website: JW.org
I am having a bible study with my friend Judy, the Jehovah's Witness.
by CakeInTheTree March 28, 2015
The Taliban of Christianity.
"Who are those modestly dressed, heavily medicated sad chicks littering in our laundry room?" "Oh, those are some Jehovah's Witnesses."
by holdmedownonthepantysty August 25, 2013
An extremely annoying cult that brainwashes little children into not excepting blood transfusions to save their life. If you are baptized and want to leave, they will "disfellowship" you and the consequences are that your family and friends who are JW's are not allowed to associate with you anymore.

They are a bunch of hypocritical fanatic bible thumpers who criticise all non-JW's, but just sit around in their Kingdom Halls and talk about how good they are and how bad everything in the world is. They just sit there and discuss the same fucking thing during every meeting.

The are a complete waste and drain on society and the economy. They do not contribute positive in anyway. They are just sitting around waiting for the world to end, which when it does all JW's will get into the new system and all non-JW's will be killed by god!
Husband: How was your day, dear?
Wife: Oh, two Jehovah's Witnesses knocked on the door at 7am this morning and I immediately told them I was disfellowedshipped. The two young men screamed like girls and ran back to their car.
Husband: Where's dinner?
by squish squashy April 28, 2006
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