there was a man
named Jeffrey Dahmer
He raped some kids
He gave them drugs,
And they gave him...hugs
Apparently, Jeffrey Dahmer's last words were "What's eating you, buddy?"
by hi babies February 10, 2004
Top Definition
Jeffre Dahmer was a homosexual serial killer who killed 17 teenagers and young adults, his MO (Latin: Modus Operandi, English: Mode of Operation) was to aproach a male that he liked, offer them money to pose naked for photos, take them back to his flat, drug them, have sex with them, kill them befor they regained conciouse, had sex with their bodies again, dismember their bodies in his bathtub, disolve some body parts in acid and throw the rest in the trash.

Dahmer would keep trophies of his victims, he would cut of their heads, boil off the flesh polish and paint them and keep them in his house. He would also take polaroids of his victims as he dismemberd them and he would keep parts of their anatomy and freeze, preserve or eat them (i.e. heart, liver, flesh, penis and testicles, et cetera . . . )

Dahmer was caught and imprisoned in 1991 and was found guilty of 15 murders, he was sentenced to something like 940 years.

In 1994 he was beaten to death in prison.
For more info on the famouse Jeffrey Dahmer, go to and type Jeffrey Dahmer into the "Search" on the website.
by Stephen Foy July 14, 2004
A crazy person
"Man, that Jeffrey Dahmer sexually abused and murdered (not necessarilly in that order) 17 young men and boys. He's a crazy person."
by michaelftm2 September 17, 2008
an extremely fucked up person. slayer wrote a good song about him called "213". why 213?? because that was his apartment number where he killed and fucked people.
driving compulsion morbid thoughts come to mind, sexual realease buried deep inside. complete control of a prized possession. to touch and fondle with no objection. lonely souls, an emptiness fulfilled. physical pleasure and addictive thrill. an object of perverted reality. an obsession beyond your wildest dreams. death loves final embrace. your cool tenderness, memories keep love alive, memories will never die.
------------slayer rules---------------
by MetallilbangeR April 07, 2005
A cocktail consisting of gin and vodka, preferably bottom shelf. When an umbrella and a splash of cranberry is added, it becomes an Andrew Cunanan.
Barkeep, I'll take a Jeffrey Dahmer, neat. Thank you.
by Pu$$yLorde December 12, 2015
People that went to school with Jeffrey, say he was the class clown. Faking epilectic seizures and rolling on the ground, rolling on the ground. Acting like a clown. Let's all do the Dahmer, Come on everybody let's do the Dahmer. He was the class clown. Come on everybody let's do the Dahmer. Rolling on the ground, rolling on the ground. Acting like a clown. Let's all do the Dahmer!!!
we love you dahmer!!!!!
by JESSY & BRADDO January 03, 2005
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