Crappy wrestler who thinks he looks cool by literally pouring a can of paint over his head.
Jeff Hardy: Come on, just one more for the road!

MAB Paints employee: Sorry, sir, but I think you've had enough.
by Snebulizer/Nih +grr December 07, 2003
1. To botch, to mess up a high risk move.
2. To wear paint and dress in a homosexual fashion.
I hope I don't Jeff Hardy this jump.
by Anonymous October 06, 2003
A spotty wrestler who is in NWATNA.
Jeff Hardy is spotty. His brother is better.
by funaklee March 19, 2005
Drug-addicted overated bump machine who cost himself his job at WWE, his sloppy ring skills are not helpled by his constant drug use and constant risk-taking that break his body down every minute.

He is still adored by certain female virgins who will get laid and will never wake up to see the person needs help, his brother, Matt Hardy, still remains with the WWE, because he does'nt take drugs, and because he can actually WRESTLE.
TLC matches, when Jeff was excellent.
by David Griffin February 09, 2005
Biggest puss to ever walk the face of the earth.
Don't turn your back the wwe you'll be being like Jeff Hardy
by The coolest guy ever. August 20, 2003
A crack addict who used to be able to wrestle half a lick but turned to shit when his more talented brother Matt left him for greener pastures.
"Jeff Hardy is gae."
by fonzerelly December 06, 2003
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