British rock star, writer and producer. Some rockmag critics slam his output as being too excessive, but he's more versatile than you might think. He's mostly noted as being the singer, guitarist, songwriter and de facto leader of the unique Electric Light Orchestra, which existed from around 1971 to 1988. They had a string of great hits, were one of the first bands to utilize synthesizers a lot (along with Pink Floyd and others), use a lot of backwards messages on their albums (they got a lot of flak over that by ignorant buttheads. Their 1983 album "Secret Messages" is a reply to that) and they were one of the first bands to use laser shows in their concerts (as well as a model starship). Jeff, an avowed Beatlemaniac got to produce the fine 1987 "Cloud Nine" album by George Harrison. Then he, George, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty formed the supergroup Travelling Wilburys and they had some hits. He also worked with the other Wilburys on their later albums. Also, in 1990 he released his own solo album "Armchair Theater" which highlights his love and roots for 50s rock. When the 3 surving Beatles (the "Threetles" - George, Paul and Ringo) needed help in producing their new songs based on a demo tape John made before he was killed, Jeff Lynne was called in to help. After that he worked with the Threetles on their solo work. There was a temporary ELO reunion of some sorts, but the post-9/11 climate scared many people and the reunion tour was squelched.
Jeff Lynne is more adventurous in his music than most people give him credit for. Check out some of the releases by the afore mentioned artists and you will notice how truly devoted he is to early rock'n'roll music.
by Starpunk September 03, 2008
Top Definition
The only white dude who looks cool with an Afro and shades oh and lots of facial hair ELO frontman, good songwriter/producer
Jeff Lynne is one Hairy Dude
by ayyermaw February 24, 2006
British Rock star Born in 1947 ,Birmingham England.
Multi Talented ,Singer ,Songwriter,Producer,can play a multitude of Instruments,a literal one-man band.
Jeff's first band were called The Idle Race in the 60's but despite catchy melodic songs(Lynne trademark) success eluded him.His talents caught the attention of Roy Wood of British band The Movewho had enjoyed considerable success in the UK.Wood asked Lynne to join the Group and then became involved in the move's next project ELO After Wood Left the Band Shortly after the first album Lynne Took full control and turned them into a worldwide smash.In the mid 80's Lynne disbanded the group and began many solo projects among them co-writing and producing music for George Harrison (both solo and Travelling Wilbury's),Tom Petty ,Roy Orbison and in the mid 90's Worked with the three Remaining Beatles and Produced two unfinished John Lennon Demo's to add 2 more songs to The Beatles Canon.
Jeff Lynne is one of the Most modest guys in Rock and should be in The Rock and Roll hall of Fame!
by Mr Radio June 24, 2006
The only white dude who looks cool with an Afro and shades oh and lots of facial hair Electric Light Orchestra frontman, good songwriter/producer/multi instrumentalist.
Jeff Lynne is a talented guy
by william the wallace March 15, 2006

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