one half of the greatest tag team of all time but his brother was stupid and then got fired by Vince McMahon. He has had some great matches.
Wrestlemania X-Seven v.s Dudleyz v.s E&C 4 the wwe tag team championship.
by dave April 02, 2005
A human cross between a lovable dog and a Rolls Royce. Cute and cuddly; everyone wants one but they're always just out of reach. The perfect pet/toy.
But remember folks, a Jeff Hardy is for life. Not just for Christmas.
This guy rules, you people never made it with the damn WWE have you!
Jeff Hardy is down with me!
by Anonymous August 24, 2003
Became successful once again by giving up drugs, stopping his artistic gimmick / ''lifestyle'' and by getting into bodybuilding / eatting very, very clean. His new found creativity began to show up in his work ethic, opposed to his, imagination.
Chris: Jeff, get off the drugs, would you?!

Jeff Hardy: What drugs... haven't cha read Thompson? How about any other great writers?

Chris: Those were the downfalls of these people. Quit downfalling because you're worried about what might happen. You're going to have waaaaaaaay too many health problems when you get older, and a very small bank account.That isn't going to make you a profound philosopher, artist, of born again Christian. Just a jackass! Get your shit together!
#wrestler #the future? #in his hands #move on #quit druguse #drugs are bad.
by The Future is not now, but in. November 07, 2011
a former wwe wrestler who doesnt know how to stay away from drugs.
idk about jeff hardy
#jeff #hardy #wwe #jhglig #hbvjh
by bigguy123 January 09, 2010
That damn Spot Monkey in the WWE
Jeff Hardy is nothing but a damn spot monkey
Take his high flying away from him and he would have jack shit. Not half the technical wrestler as his brother, Matt.
#highspot #overrated #crapfest #wwe #cruiserweight
by fanboys of anything suck dick October 15, 2007
To have the match in the bag and because you want all the attention you dive off a ladder, the top of the cage, or the top turnbuckle and miss the person Completely in turn knocking your self out Allowing your Opponent to get the win.
In any Important match you can count on Jeff Hardy really Jeff Hardy the end of the match.
by Marc Mendiondo November 18, 2004
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