A Ghetto version of Jesus.
"Props be to Jeezy."
by cool4dude April 28, 2005
a code word for cocaine.
Hey, where's Jeezy at?
Man, im tired, we should cop some jeezy.
#cocaine #jeezy #drugs #blow #white
by MaCk DuFF April 08, 2007
all encompassing.

But originally an awkward silence filler, word origin also from 'Jesus.'
ex1: Brian: Charlie!
Charlie: Jeezy! (expletive explaining the speaker has the listener's attention)

ex2: Brian: Charlie!
Charlie: Jeezy? (in lieu of 'yes?')

ex3: Brian: Charlie!
Charlie: Hey, Jeezy! (in lieu of 'Brian')

ex4: Brian: Hey Charlie, how you doing today?
Charlie: Oh, jeezy. (in lieu of any appropriate response, so Brian should interpret Charlie's facial expression to understand the context)

ex5: Brian: What should we toast to?
Charlie: Well, to Julian and Charlotte, of course.
Brian: Oh! I'd jeezy to that! (in lieu of 'toast')

you get the point.
#geezy #jesus #jeez #jeeze #geez #geeze
by cullen reddy August 17, 2006
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