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To Put On.

Like To Hook Up With Somebody. Get Them To Talk
BRE: Cuz He Cute!

SHAYE: You Scared To Say Something?

BRE: Yea!!

SHAYE: Aite, I'LL Jeezy You
by Immaculant Cole August 11, 2009
a code word for cocaine.
Hey, where's Jeezy at?
Man, im tired, we should cop some jeezy.
by MaCk DuFF April 08, 2007
all encompassing.

But originally an awkward silence filler, word origin also from 'Jesus.'
ex1: Brian: Charlie!
Charlie: Jeezy! (expletive explaining the speaker has the listener's attention)

ex2: Brian: Charlie!
Charlie: Jeezy? (in lieu of 'yes?')

ex3: Brian: Charlie!
Charlie: Hey, Jeezy! (in lieu of 'Brian')

ex4: Brian: Hey Charlie, how you doing today?
Charlie: Oh, jeezy. (in lieu of any appropriate response, so Brian should interpret Charlie's facial expression to understand the context)

ex5: Brian: What should we toast to?
Charlie: Well, to Julian and Charlotte, of course.
Brian: Oh! I'd jeezy to that! (in lieu of 'toast')

you get the point.
by cullen reddy August 17, 2006