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Pittsburghese. A smashed-up version of "Did you eat yet?" Would not be notable other than for the fact that I've actually seen this phrase, written just this way, in local restaraunt advertisements surrounding Pittsburgh.

See also jeet
"Jeet Jet?"
"...What? Say that slower."
by Lita August 17, 2004
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The butchering of the phrase "Did you eat yet?" by Pittsburghers. It's so horrible how we do this.
Person A: Jeet jet?
Person B: No, j'oo?
by Lady Pain March 05, 2005
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How Pittsburghers ask, "Did you eat yet?"
The proper response would be, "Nodju?" ("No, did you?")
Person 1: "Its 12:00, Jeetjet?"
Person 2: "Nodju?"
by DeAndre December 02, 2005
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Slang Abbreviation.
Spliced from the four common vernacular words " Did you eat yet?"
Used mostly in New York City and surrounding burroughs and neighborhoods of New Jersey.
Variatons Have been found to reach as far west as central illinois.
Tony: YO frankie, how youz doin?
Frankie: Ehh, I got theez rumbles, Dijeetjet?
Tony:Nah, lets go get a Stromboli.
by don corleone September 15, 2004
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